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BWaB The Bachelorette Week 2 - Guys Treating this like Spring Break

After a typical first night, we got our first full week of The Bachelorette. This week we have a pretty fun One-on-One and two group dates.


Aaron B. gets the first date. Gets to go in a Red Mustang. Drive through downtown LA. Has a picnic on the Hollywood hills looking at the Hollywood sign. Even gets to go to the physical sign and overlook the city!

In the dinner portion of the date, Aaron B shared that his family has a military background, similar to Charity's, and he mentioned that he goes to therapy. Gets the rose and a little private concert from Lauren Alaina! Sorry to Laruen but haven't her music before this episode.

Group Date 1: Beach DodgeBOWL

The guys on the first group date are Dotun, Tanner, Adrian, John, Caleb A, Caleb B, Caleb K, Xavier, James, Aaron S, Sean, Brayden. Suns out, Buns out. Liz from the LA sports world on the color commentary. Sorry Liz but also don't know you.

I think because Jesse Palmer is a sports guy they keep making us do these sports competition. But it is entertaining so I'll take the games.

Pink Team gets the win! MVP went to Adrian from the Green team.

During the night portion of the group date, Brayden is acting a little entitled for getting the first impression rose. And Adrian decided to bring it up with her. He says that some of the men are treating this experience like Spring Break.

John gets the group date rose.

Group Date 2: The Longest Kiss in Bachelor History

The guys on the second group date are Warwick, Spencer, John Henry, Joey, Josh, and Michael. Gabby and Rachel are hosting the group date. Thank goodness they are here because they had such success... The guys have to tell Charity all of their favorite things and how they would kiss her.

Joey gets to go for the longest Bachelor kiss. A quick 3 minute and change first kiss. Make it 4 minute and 25 seconds.

In a crazy twist, Joey gets the kiss and the rest of the day is his! Poor guys had to watch smooch and then didn't even get to say goodbye to Charity.

In their one-on-one time, Joey shared his family's dynamic. Joey's father came out as gay and still has a strong family relationship through their new family dynamic. Joey gets the rose.

Back at the house, Jesse Palmer comes over to share that there is no cocktail party. Instead of a cocktail party it is a BBQ.

At the BBQ, Dotun, Tanner and Sean stood out!

Rose Ceremony



Caleb B.





Aaron S.




4 men go home.


Thanks for reading.

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