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BWaB The Bachelorette Week 4 - How are we already down to 6? + The Golden Bachelor Announcement

Yes you heard me correctly, the Bachelorette after this week is already down to 6! Next week we will know who is going to hometowns. It is interesting that the season is going as fast as it is. It must be a mix of Charity knows what kind of man she wants and that she could only take so much time off work to film her season. But that we are already down to 6 contestants is wild! So who is left? Let's start at the beginning of the week.

The group moves up to Washington state. It will be interesting to see if they go abroad for Charity's season. Since they are down to such a finite group, there is a chance they just do Canada and that is it. For this week there is 2 one-on-ones and a group date.

Dotun One-on-One

Dotun made a mistake. He must have shared with a producer that he has a crippling fear of heights. He was so nervous he said that he has a height of fears. It seems like Charity also has a pretty good height of fears.

But the two get over their fears and go bungee jumping! They take the leap for love!! Overall their date went really well. I do think the action of helping her conquer a fear and him getting to open up about his life made Dotun a hometown favorite. Can see Charity wanted to meet his parents.

Group Date

The group date consists of the guys doing things in the forest. They had to find things to eat, answer questions, and maybe did some other forest related things.

The date was run by these girl scouts. Overall it was a good group date. The talk of the date, like every other group date, was Brayden. Brayden was the hot topic of discussion. So much that the night portion of the date started with Brayden and Charity having the same conversation again, this time with a different result. Brayden decided to send himself home.

Joey got the group date rose.

Xavier One-on-One

Xavier and Charity go to a fruit festival for their date. It seems like they are having a ton of fun but Charity is seeing a red flag, this guy is reminding her a lot of her exes. But that feeling disappears during the dinner portion of the date as Xavier talks about helping out his mom and his background.

Xavier gets the rose.

Cocktail Party

Brayden comes back to apologize to Charity. Causes one last ruckus before he heads away to paradise. Besides that it was a good time for the men as they got to talk to Charity a little more. Here were the roses:

Aaron B



Caleb, Michael and John get sent home.

I wonder if they will share why this season is going so fast. Normally at this point of the show we are in the teens for men, not 6.


The Golden Bachelor

Monday we also got the official announcement about the new, and first Golden Bachelor. Gerry Turner is a 71 year old man from the Midwest looking for love again. It sounds like his daughters were the one who told him to do the show.

Very excited to see how this show goes. Maybe not if the show is on at 10 PM. But what will be interesting about the show is the contestants. Are they going to be here to gain followers or they actually looking for love? The dynamics are going to be very fun to watch!


Thanks for reading.


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