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BWaB The Bachelorette Week 5 - New Orleans Week

The group heads from the Pacific Northwest down to New Orleans, LA for their final week before hometowns. It would be interesting to know why they chose not to go out of the states this season. Potentially could because of the passport issues that is facing the country, or because they knew it would be a quick season it was easier to stay in the states.

The final six men are Sean, Tanner, Xavier, Joey, Dotun and Aaron B. Before this week both Sean and Tanner have not received a One-on-One. Spoiler alert, Sean and Tanner do not receive a One-on-One.

The first One-on-One goes to Joey.

Joey One-on-One

Joey and Charity do the classic Bachelor explore this city date. They do what are seen as the local things to do according to tourists, and explore the city on a horse carriage. Throughout the whole day portion of the date things were clicking. It is very easy to see the connection between the two. With this being Joey's second One-on-One, Charity is showing clear interest in him.

At the night portion of the date, they had a very honest conversation about race. After that conversation I think Charity got all of the clarity she needed. She was very happy with how their conversation went, and Joey even shared he is falling in love with her.

Joey gets the rose.


The Two-on-One has felt to be missing from the show for a couple of seasons. Charity choses Sean and Tanner to go on the date. Before this date there was no beef between the two. But since Sean got on this date, he turned it more into a competition.

They went to go look at alligators and how a crawfish boil. During the day portion of the date it seem like Sean was having a better connection with Charity. But at the end of the date, Charity decided to hold onto the rose and had them join another date later in the week.

We cut back to either the same night or the next night, and this is when we hear Dotun gets his second One-on-One. This does not sit well with Sean and he decides to go have a conversation with Charity. The conversation ends up back firing because Charity decides that she doesn't want to pursue Sean anymore and sends him home.

Dotun One-on-One

Dotun and Charity participate in a fun run. Missed the name of the annual event, but looks like Charity and Dotun took the event over for their date. Similar to the date with Joey, it is very clear the connection Dotun and Charity have. I mean the guy had a One-on-One date just last week.

Dotun opened up a little more with Charity during the night portion of the date. He also mentioned to Charity that he is falling in love. Dotun gets the rose.

Group Date

Not much to share from this. There were two roses at the date. The first went to Aaron B. Instead of giving out the second rose during the date, Charity asked the guys to dress up for a rose ceremony. Before they got there Charity broke things off with Tanner and gave Xavier the rose. For Tanner, it seems like time was the issue with their connection. Just didn't have enough time to get to know each other.

Mid Credits Scene

There is a running gag in the Bachelor community with Trent and pulling the luggage. Trent works at Barstool and he has been very vocal about being the guy who gets to pull the luggage in those anticipated scenes. Because Charity decided to not send either of them home during the date, Trent didn't get his time to shine. But we got probably the best scene of the night during the credits.

So to recap, Aaron B, Joey, Dotun and Xavier are going to hometowns. Going to quickly recap my thoughts on this season as I can't believe we have already made it to Hometowns.

Has it been a good season?

When I was watching the episode this week, I was looking at one of the guys and I couldn't remember their name (sorry Xavier). Since most of the drama this season was focused on Brayden, and we lost so many men so fast, it feels like we barely know the guys. I think I know Joey and Dotun pretty well, and they are seeming like the frontrunners at this point. But it does feel a little weird having some people in hometowns and barely knowing their connection with the lead.

I think Charity has done a good job as the Bachelorette. She is holding herself well and handles the difficult decisions maturely. It will be interesting to see how she does going into the more serious discussions with these men, but so far so good.

Like I mentioned at the top, I would love to know why Charity's season is so short. Bachelor Data created a good viewer explaining some reasons she believes based off data.

Curious why you think the season might be shorter than normal. Please feel free to leave a comment below!


Thanks for reading.


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