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BWaB The Bachelorette Week 7 - Fantasy Suites in Fiji

Charity and the men get their first trip out of the country. They jet off to Pacific Harbour, Fiji! With Charity this week is Xavier, Joey and Dotun.

From this clip you might catch two things. The first is Xavier is sharing that he is having some doubt about their relationship. Just note that it is taking out of context. The second thing is someone comes in a cab to their hotel and surprises Charity. That person happens to be Aaron B, the one who got sent home during hometowns! We are starting off there as that is how the show leaves us this episode. They show a trailer of Aaron B still in Fiji with the other two men and we should have a conclusion in two weeks. The Men Tell All is next week.

You might have caught it but I said two other men, so one man goes home. Who was it? It is probably best to talk through each fantasy suite date.

Xavier's Fantasy Suite

Similar to hometowns, it is hard to say if Xavier was truly the first fantasy suite or if the producers chose to show Xavier first. Xavier and Charity start their date with going to a private island. On the private island are native Fijians and they share some of their culture with them. Overall the date seems to be going well.

But things take a turn at the night portion of their fantasy suite. Xavier shares with Charity that he was unfaithful in his past relationship. He hooked up multiple times with someone while he was on a boys trip.

This has been Charity's biggest fear as this happened to her in a previous relationship. What is interesting is on their first one-on-one, Charity literally said that Xavier reminded her of this ex. Well I guess her gut knew it was too good to be true, as Xavier kept saying wrong thing after wrong thing.

Charity decides that it is not worth pursing this relationship any longer after Xavier could not share any reassurance. They do not go to the fantasy suite and Charity sends Xavier home.

Going in order of the information that was shared with us last night, now we are down to two men but we know that Aaron B is going to make a surprise return at the end. Knowing that Xavier is gone, it makes the fantasy suites with Joey and Dotun more real as there is a 50%, potentially 33% chance, that they are the winner.

Joey's Fantasy Suite

Joey gets the next fantasy suite. They start their date by going off roading on some ATVs. The ATVs decided that they didn't want to cooperate for their date, and force them to walk to the waterfall.

Joey and Charity have a conversation about the comments Uncle Joe had said during hometowns. Things got cleared up very fast. At dinner Joey said that he was in love with Charity and some surprise, Charity shared those thoughts back. Joey and Charity enjoyed the night in the fantasy suite and all in all I think they had a great date.

Dotun's Fantasy Suite

Dotun gets the final fantasy suite of the night. They start the date going on some jet skis to a remote area, looked like a sand bar but could've been an island.

Same story as Joey's fantasy suite, Dotun shared that he was in love with Charity, and she shared it back! So we have two people that Charity has shared that she is in love with. They enjoyed the night in the fantasy suite and at the moment Joey and Dotun are neck and neck.

If I had to guess, I am still leaning that Dotun is the winner and Joey gets second. But it easily could go the other way.

Next week is going to be the Men Tell All. Looking at the lineup of men they showed, Xavier, Sean and Brayden highlight the men who are there. It looks like Aaron B will not be there, showing they are using his clip of coming back to Fiji as the first part of the finale. Also, at the Men Tell All we will get our first interview with Gary, the first Golden Bachelor! Will be interesting to hear what he thinks about this experience and learn more about his season.


Thanks for reading.

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