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BWaB The Bachelorettes Week 10 - Who is ready to get engaged?!

The theme of the night, who is ready to get engaged?! Throughout the episode we see the three men and their meeting of the lead's parents. Each have something of note happen during their time, so please enjoy this quick recap!

We start with Jesse Palmer as this is a live episode. For the entire episode, Gabby and Rachel will be on stage watching the scenes with the studio audience.

The first scene we see is Rachel and Zach's conversation. Zach shares that during the fantasy suite he felt like he wasn't getting the real Rachel but he was getting Bachelorette Rachel. He said some other stuff but decided after all that he was going to send himself home.

It was a strong strategy because Rachel was going to send him home. So instead of letting her send you home, he left. The classic I quit vs your fired situation. That leaves Aven and Tino to meet Rachel's parents.

Back in the studio audience we get to see Zach and Rachel talk on the couch. Nothing of note to say except they both apologized to each other but neither seem to take the other's apologies. But seems to be respect for each other.

The meet the parents starts with Aven. He is meeting Rachel's parents and her two best friends. From the looks of it, Rachel's family really liked Aven. Rachel was glowing about Aven to her Mom and to her friends. But Aven decides to hit the group with a bomb that threw off the whole date.

Aven, while talking to Rachel's best friends, decided to share that he doesn't think he can get to an engagement at the end of this. He mentions that he could see himself ending this with Rachel and dating her in the real world, but doesn't think he can pop the question at the end of this. This conversation Aven had with Rachel's friends becomes the biggest drama of the night. Rachel is pretty dead set that she is getting engaged at the end of this and doesn't like the idea of just dating in the real world. She wants that free ring!

I'll save you the three other scenes we had to watch of this, Aven gets sent home. They both realize they are not on the same page about this and Rachel wants to move forward with Tino. And same thing happened when Aven was on stage. They were happy for each other and wished each other nothing but the best!

So what happened when Tino met the family? It went great! It seems like all of Rachel's family liked him. Tino specifically had a great conversation with Rachel's dad. He was asking hard questions, and Tino was answering all of them with flying colors.

Back to Gabby's date, she had both of her parents and Grandpa John come to Mexico. They got to meet Erich and for the most part the conversations went well. It seems like Erich made a good impression with the parents. But while Gabby was talking to her mom, she starting breaking down saying that she feels like she might be seen as broken. They did a quick cut to it so I didn't catch everything she said, but it seemed like she was referencing how the other two guys both just left and she was worried Erich would see that as a bad thing.

But she doesn't have to worry about that because Erich decided to say something that will change their relationship. Erich is now speaking up saying that he isn't sure he is able to propose at the end of this. He wants to date Gabby but doesn't think he can get propose at the end of it. These men... 5 out of the final 6 have decided to leave or have vocalized that they couldn't get engaged at the end of this!

This is how I and Twitter felt about this episode:

After Episode Thoughts

I don't think the two Bachelorette season worked. I think it was somewhat entertaining but for whatever reason, the relationships did not grew and form like they normally would on a season. Especially with 5 of the final 6 men saying they are not interested in getting engaged. I think that is no fluke. I believe the new format messed up with the relationships and why they weren't able to form to an engagement.

We will see what happens with next week's episode. I am expecting that Erich and Gabby are maybe dating or they are no longer together, there is no way there is an engagement for them. For Rachel and Tino, I think they get engaged but something happens after the filming of the season that is going to lead to drama. Who knows what it is going to be about, but from the teaser it is about lying.


Thanks for reading.


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