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BWaB The Bachelorettes Week 3 - The Start of Two Separate Journeys

The week started with 21 men. Probably the most men we have had going into the third week of the show, if I had to guess. Regardless of the new record, it is a lot of men, especially for the dates this week. For the dates there are only two 1x1, one for Rachel and one for Gabby, and a 19x2 group date!

Rachel gets the first 1x1. She chooses Zach to go on her date. Right away you know that he is going to go far with a good looking name like that!

For their date they get Kamaro from Queer Eye to lead their date! They spend the day portion trying on fun outfits and getting ready for a big movie premiere Kamaro got them VIP. When they got to the premiere they got the full red carpet experience. Photographers shouting their name taking their pictures, and getting to walk the red carpet.

When they walked into the theater they realized that it was a private showing. And it was a different kind of movie premiere. This movie they watched was actually a home video of them and both of their moms sent in a video for this movie. Throughout the date it looked like Zach and Rachel were really connecting and making a good connection! From the feels of it, Zach is going to make it pretty far, at least hometowns. He gets the rose.

While the date was going on, Gabby went to the Bachelor mansion and we had the classic, are these guys even interested in me? From what they showed, it looked like the guys barely talked to her while she was there. But to bounce back from that feeling, she got to go on a 1x1 and she chose Erich.

Erich got a nice surprise as America's grandpa crashed the date! To start off the date, they had to some energy thing to get the bad vibes out. I don't know but I felt like Gabby's grandpa who passed out during that portion of the date. After that they went bowling. Throughout the date they didn't show much of Erich and Gabby hitting it off, but seem like the date was going good.

For the night portion of the date, Gabby hit a breaking point about the whole experience. She just wasn't feeling like she was deserving of being the Bachelorette. She used Erich as a sounding board and I think that was comforting to Gabby, as she gave him the rose. I think Erich stays for a bit, but also could see him become drama.

The last date was the biggest group date, supposedly, in Bachelor nation history. They started the date doing a fun photoshoot. Everyone seem to be into the date and everyone were putting their best foot forward. The big winners from this day portion of the date are the ones who got the opportunity to propose to the girls. Not sure who picked who did what, but it seemed like the front runners got to opportunity to do this portion. Tino and Logan proposed to Rachel, and Tyler and Nate proposed to Gabby.

For the cocktail party, they got to go to the brand new SoFi stadium. That was pretty cool! It looks like such a nice stadium. Two things stood out during this cocktail party. Rachel really seemed to get her footing as the Bachelorette. She seem to be making some solid connections with a few of the men. The second was men telling Gabby that they wanted to pursue only Rachel. Tyler, Jacob and Hayden all told Gabby that during the night. The only one who said it nicely was Tyler as both Jacob and Hayden said things that were hurtful to Gabby.

At the end of the group date, Rachel gave her rose out to Aven, as they were smooching in the end zone for awhile, and Gabby decided to not give out a rose because she didn't like how the night went.

Now is the fun part! Jesse comes in the next day and finally tells the men what we have been waiting for: you must decide which Bachelorette you want to pursue. The cocktail party was cancelled so we went straight to a rose ceremony. It seemed like the decision rose ceremony was going pretty smoothly, but then we had our first guy decline a rose. Then another, and then one more declined the rose. Termanye, Alec and Meatball all declined Rachel's rose when she asked. Oof. That did not work out for the men who declined the rose, as the other Bachelorette did not choose them either, so they went home. Here are the groups after the rose ceremony:








Jordan H

Meatball? They show him in the post credits that he might be back.












If Meatball comes back, both of the leads have 9 men going into the next week! From the looks of it, they are going abroad to France next week, which would be fun if they are moving out of the mansion.


After Episode Thoughts

I think the two Bachelorettes is working sorta. The big problem with it is somehow the men have power to make decisions. I understand it is their journey as well, but the premise of this show is to follow the two leads find love. How the men have been able to reject the lead and then stay on the show with another lead is a little odd, but I guess that is what we get when they try out a new format. Regardless, I am happy we are now going to just be watching two separate journeys moving forward, and don't need to worry about which lead the men are going to pick. I know that is wishful thinking because the teaser for next week shows at least two men doing exactly that, but at least most of the men are focused on just one woman.


Thanks for reading.


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