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BWaB The Bachelorettes Week 5 - Relationships are Brewing in Belgium

This week the group spends most of their time in Bruges, Belgium. From the looks of it, the city is very romantic and a fun spot to create a cool memory in. Before we are even able to get into the first group date, Logan goes to Rachel to let her know he is no longer interested. The conversation goes alright, Rachel doesn't take rejection well this season. Every time there has been some sort of rejection from the men, it has had Rachel make a drastic decision for her journey. This time, she decided to cancel the group date that she was going to have with Tino, Zach, Ethan, Tyler and Meatball exploring Bruges.

After the men are told their date has been cancelled, Logan goes to Gabby to ask if he can join her group. Their conversation went pretty good and there seem like there was a chance that Logan might get to join Gabby's group. Gabby chooses to talk to Rachel and after talking with her, Gabby decides to let Logan join her group.

Back on the cruise ship, Rachel has the after party with the men, and she gets to make up for lost time. All of the men made her feel special, reassuring her that they are here for her and want to keep going on the journey with her. Tino got the group date rose.

The next day, Gabby's men go on a group date. From the looks of it, they got what was going to be Rachel's group date but because she flaked, they switched it for Gabby. Nate, Jason, Spencer, Erich, Michael and Mario are on the group date. No Logan yet.

At the after party, Logan joins the group. It seems to throw off the guys as most of them seem to spend their time talking about the new Logan situation and not on their connection with Gabby. Nate seem to take the best advantage of his time and he got the group date rose.

The next day Rachel and Aven explored Bruges. They seem to have a nice time. Didn't really see much of their date besides eating some chocolate. During their dinner they had a nice conversation and Rachel gave him a rose.

For the other one on one, Gabby took Johnny to a Belgium Brewery Farm. They got to try some beer and then went into the back room to find a brewery massage. They had hops lotion and a beer bath. During the date they really seem to be hitting it off. There seem to be a fun, playful connection there. During their dinner, Johnny really opened up about he isn't a confident person and struggles with mental health. Gabby seem to appreciate he opened up and he got the rose.

There was a cocktail party but nothing really came from it. Going into the rose ceremony, Gabby had 4 roses and Rachel had 3 roses. Here is how the rose ceremony went:










Meatball, Michael and first impression rose Mario go home. Before they cut to commercial, they dropped this teaser for the rest of the season.


After Episode Thoughts

I think next week is going to be a good episode. Rachel made a comment that they had two weeks before hometowns, which means next week's episode we are going down to the final four for each. It will be interesting to see how each picks. One prediction I feel confident on is that Nate is going to go home next week. Something Gabby said in the teaser makes me think she isn't ready to be a mother, and I think she is going to choose to let him go so he can be with his daughter.

As for this episode, it was a filler episode. Two relationships had really good weeks this week. Tino and Rachel had some good conversations that shows that Tino is a far front runner. Johnny and Gabby had a really good date, and it seems like there is a serious connection happening there, where Johnny makes it pretty far. From the teaser it seems like he does something dumb at one point, but for this week he had a great week.


Thanks for reading.


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