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BWaB The Bachelorettes Week 6 - Off to Hometowns

It was a weird week! A bunch of random little things happened in the Gabby camp, which lead the week in Amsterdam to be an odd one. To start it off, the cruise made its way to Amsterdam. It seems like this will be our last stop on this cruise journey as this week is narrowing it down to Hometowns!

For this week, Gabby and Rachel are both getting 1 1x1 and 1 group date. Normally the lead would get two 1x1s but with this new format they both lost a date. For their 1x1, Gabby chose Nate for her date and Rachel chose Zach for hers. The biggest drama of the night happened with Nate's 1x1.

When they met up in Amsterdam, everything seem to be normal. For the whole season, Nate has been a frontrunner, getting multiple group date roses, and having a strong connection. But when Nate got to the date, we cut to a talking head of Gabby where it look like she was having doubts. The big thing was that Nate had a child. Gabby at this point in her life doesn't feel like she could take on the Mother responsibilities if she was going to choose Nate. The breakup itself did come a little out of nowhere as she just started crying on a bench and told Nate she needed to end things. Sad to see Nate go but it was smart by Gabby to get break things off before meeting her, because that would have made things 100x harder.

On a lighter note, Rachel and Zach went to a Tulip farm! The time they went, all of the tulips were blooming. Rachel mentioned it a bunch, but the date was actually a bucket list type of date. Supposedly the Tulips are only in full bloom for two weeks, so for them to get to have a whole date with them is really cool.

Zach and Rachel seem to have a strong connection. They were the ones who had the LA date where they watched the home movies, and now they got another awesome date. Zach at the dinner told Rachel that he is falling in love with her. He was the first one to say those words to either of the Bachelorettes. Rachel gives Zach the rose and is moving on to hometowns.

Gabby tries to bounce back with her guys after sending Nate home. On her date it is Jason, Johnny, Logan, Ethan and Erich. The go to the Red Light district in Amsterdam and have some fun with some lady with a whip. I missed her official job title. The date seem uncomfortable, but everyone was having fun and made the most of it. After the group date, another bomb was dropped on Gabby's group. Logan tested positive for COVID-19, which pretty much removed him from the show.

It was a bummer because this was a pretty important night for Gabby and the guys. They all had a lot they wanted to share with her and they lost out of having that opportunity because the show cancelled their night for health protocols. So out of the two dates Gabby has had before going into hometowns, she has given out zero roses.

Rachel really had the lighter note this week, as she had a full group date with her men. She took them to a town that was known as a cheese capital for the circle type of cheese. They had some fun and did a dead lift competition with the cheese.

On the date was Tino, Aven, Tyler and Ethan. Tino one the cheese competition and was the big winner during the day. At the night part of the date, Tino became a little dramatic. Tyler ends up getting the group date rose because him and Rachel are growing a good connection. But Tino expects that he is going to win everything so when he didn't get the rose he was pretty salty. I think Tino is going to benefit from not seeing the men moving forward as he doesn't seem to love the process that she is talking to other men.

From the looks of it there was no cocktail party. They were short for time so they could have cut it out or they decided to not have one. Here are how the roses went:








Spencer from Gabby's group and Ethan from Rachel's group goes home. Going into hometowns, Gabby is going to meet 3 families and Rachel is going to meet 4 families. Interested to see how this goes and if they give us two weeks of hometowns or squeeze everything into one week.


After Episode Thoughts

With Gabby getting very little time with her men this week, I am less optimistic that she ends up with someone at the end. I could see her potentially dating someone, but none of these relationships at the moment are screaming engagement. Hopefully they spend some solid time on her relationships over the next weeks so we can see those connections form.

As for Gabby sending Nate home, I think that was a smart move. It came out last week that he had been in a previous relationship and didn't tell the woman about his daughter. The only reason she found out he had a kid was through watching the show. So timing wise I think it helps Gabby that she doesn't have someone who has to answer some questions about his past.

As for Rachel, I think she has a pretty strong chance at finding someone. The gut still says Tino with how strong their relationship is, but they have shown us that others have strong relationships with her as well. I am curious to see how hometowns and fantasy suites go for her group, because I think that will make the winner pretty clear.


Thanks for reading.

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