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BWaB The Bachelorettes Week 7 - Hometowns XL

The week starts off with some lovely product placement one more time for the cruise ship they were on. I personally love some good product placement so I enjoyed this scene. Here is the order of the hometowns (where they live):

Jason (New Orleans)

Zach (Anaheim)

Johnny (West Palm Beach, Florida)

Tyler (Wildwood, NJ)

Erich (Bedminster, NJ)

Tino (Santa Clarita, CA)

Aven (Not sure, his hometown got pushed to next week)

Jason's Hometown

I would say Jason had the most hometown feeling hometown. What I mean by that is they got to do some fun stuff that represent the city they are in, and got to meet all of the family with getting to see all of the conversations. With having 7 hometowns to watch this week, it was going to be interesting which hometowns got cuts over others. But the producers made sure we saw a full hometown for Jason.

Jason's family is from New Orleans so they started the date with dancing on Bourbon Street. Then they threw some beads at people like it was Mardi Gras. After that part, they went to meet up with Jason's father in the park. They had a very nice discussion in the park. After that they went to Jason's mother and all the conversations seem to go really well. One thing Gabby kept saying, him to his mother and sister, is that they are so different. It kind of seems like that bothers her a little how different they are but all in all, the hometown went great. But keep an eye out on that whole different thing because that seems like the reason they would break up.

Zach's Hometown

I can't figure out why, but Zach is winning the dates this season. Must be the name. The two go for a little bike ride around the city. If you don't remember, they went for a little bike ride in the tulips on their Amsterdam date. Then to keep the sweet train going, Zach sets up a date on the roof of a hanger so they can go watch planes come in and out of the airport. Kind of a so so date, but for them it meant a lot because as kids they would do that with their dads and they both have fond memories of it.

At the family portion of the date, Rachel got to meet a ton of family. Seem like 10-15 people were in the house there to meet Rachel. Rachel overall had some good conversations with both of the parents. Zach shared with his mom how he was feeling, and that seem to get the mom's approval on Rachel. To end the night, they got a montage from the producers about their journey so far, which I think is a low key huge thing. Because this help them visualize these memories again and all the fun time they have had so far on this journey. I can't tell why, but the producers are really helping Zach and Rachel have a great journey. Is it so they can blow up sometime down the line or is it for a happily ever after? Not sure but interested to see how it is going to play out.

Johnny's Hometown

This is the first hesitation we hear in the night. There is always one person who makes it to hometowns that shares they might not be ready to get on one knee. Johnny started his date with Gabby actually meeting the family. The parents meeting Gabby went fine and then Johnny was telling his dad he isn't sure if he can get on one knee at the end of this. To Johnny it seems fast. But he hasn't shared that with Gabby so that isn't going to blow up in his face in their fantasy suite date.

But after the parents meeting Gabby, they went on a boat ride in the body of water near West Palm Beach, I am guessing the Gulf. And I think Gabby was thinking in her head, she could see this being her life and having this life with Johnny. I see these two potentially working, but it will have to be a non engagement, we are trying to figure things out kind of thing.

Tyler's Hometown

Hopefully you do not have any open wounds because a ton of salt is coming your way. This was a tough date to watch. I think out of day dates for hometowns, this was the best one by far, which makes what happen later that much worse. Tyler is confessing all of the things he loves about Rachel, and from the looks of it Rachel was having a great time during all of it. But then we get a talking head of Rachel saying there is something just not clicking with this relationship (surprise, surprise). She decides to end it with him before she meets his family.

What was heartbreaking was Tyler said a good minute rant of all of the things he loves about her right before she broke things off. That was tough to watch. And the cherry on top is Tyler had to go break the news to his family that Rachel wasn't coming. The excitement to shock to loving emotions the family went through in 20 seconds must have been so hard. I think Tyler will go to paradise and get a redemption story there. But one last thing, I think Tyler owns a carnival game on the boardwalk. His title was a small business owner and he made a comment like this basketball shooting game was his business.

Erich's Hometown

This hometown pulled at the heartstrings. Unfortunately, Erich's father was terminally ill when they filmed this hometown. And since they filmed the father has passed away. So that must have been tough for Erich and his family re watch this scene with their father. Erich really seems to have a strong connection for Gabby. I don't think he would have went through all of this with his family situation at home if he didn't have real feelings for her. And I think Gabby appreciated getting to spend a little time with them.

Both of them said they were falling for each other, which makes me think Erich is now the favorite going into hometowns. There is a trailer showing that Erich would be upset if she has sex with the other men, so that could potentially end them. But hopefully they can make it work as this seems like Gabby's best hope for finding love from her men.

Tino's Hometown

The producers hit us with a 180 on our emotions with these dates. We go from breakup cringe, heartbreak, to uncomfortable anger. The day part of their date was a little forgettable as the parents were the star of this hometown. Both of the parents grilled Rachel and Tino as soon as they sat down. And from the cut they got, the producers were only showing how the parents grilled them. Rachel gave us a couple talking heads but the main takeaway was that she felt like Tino's parents hated her. That is a tough feeling to have if you are trying to get engaged to someone.

But Tino came in at the end to share that he is falling in love with Rachel. And Rachel said it back. For whatever reason it seem like everything that just happened with the parents was going to be brushed over as soon as he said those words. But we got in a trailer that she does bring it up again.

Next week is going to be Aven's Hometown and then the Men Tell All. I think the Men Tell All is going to be so so, but when are they ever good. It will be interesting to see how Nate and how Tyler are doing post their journeys. And if I was a betting man, I feel like we get our official announcement and trailer for Bachelor in Paradise next week! I mean I would like to just have the trailer so I might be wrong, but timing wise it feels right.


Thanks for reading.


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