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BWaB The Bachelorettes Week 8 - The Men Tell All + Bachelor in Paradise News

Before we get into the Men Tell All, we had Aven's hometown date in Salem, MA. Since it was in Salem, they had to make the date spooky. They did a love potion that seem to go wrong and used creepy music in the background. For the dinner portion of the date, they met Aven's parents at a restaurant where it was his Mom and Dad. I guess the parents don't get along, but for this meeting they kept it together. They were really nice to Rachel and they seem to have good conversations all around!

For the rose ceremony they decided to skip over the footage and just told us that all of the men got roses. So going into fantasy suites we have Johnny, Jason and Erich for Gabby, and Tino, Aven and Zach for Rachel.

The Men Tell All was one big product placement episode. I will get into the tiny amount of tea they got into, but majority of the episode was spent on random ads for other things. One full scene was based on Virgin Voyages, they were the cruise line they used for the season. Jesse got his Oprah moment and got to share that everyone in the audience is getting a free cruise!

Then, the promoted the Bachelor in Paradise season. We finally got a look of who is going to be on the beach this summer and who might come away as couples. Full breakdown will be below.

But right after the Bachelor in Paradise season we got a full trailer of the new Kardashians season. And instead of having Gabby and/or Rachel have to sit one on one with any of their men, they did an interview with actors from this new movie Bros. So with all of this product placement, the actual amount that was focused on the men was about 30 minutes, which is the first time it was so short.

The Actual Men Tell All

Here were the men that showed up for the Tell All: Roby, Jordan H., Termanye, Jacob, Jordan V., Alec, Quincey, Ethan, Spencer, Mario, Meatball, Logan, Tyler and Nate. The three main takeaways from a pretty boring Men Tell All. 1) If you were casted as a villain and you do not show up to the Tell All, they will still talk about you like you were a villain. 2) Logan got the most of the heat from the night, and did a pretty good job answering all of the questions. 3) They are giving Nate a real good production cut. There was one thing in particular, he was talking and then they pumped in laughter that wasn't there just to make it sound like it was funny. For the most part I think they are trying to get Nate as the new Bachelor. And he should be! He did a good job explaining himself and why he did what he did in previous relationships. But I don't know if the full edit was needed.

Bachelor in Paradise News

My favorite part of the night was the Bachelor in Paradise trailer dropped. Late last week they shared who was going to be joining the beach, and during the Men Tell All they showed us who will be there. Here is the cast that will be starting on the beach:

There were a lot of stand outs from the beginning! I thought that I knew more of the guys than the girls when I first looked at this. Most of these guys were contestants that made it pretty far. Michael A, Andrew, Brandon J, Justin all were in the top 5 in their respective seasons. This makes me think that the guys have the roses week 1.

I am very excited for this season of Bachelor in Paradise! This show is what makes watching the Bachelor and the Bachelorette worth it. There is more people to watch, more relationships forming, and a lot can happen in one night. Excited to see who else joins the beach this season!


After Episode Thoughts

I am really shocked how little of a Tell All we had. There really wasn't much drama this season, but I thought it was strange many filler scenes they did back to back. Like Aven's date was about 20 minutes. The filler stuff felt like an hour. So we only had 40 minutes to do the normal Tell All.

My math adds up according to this chart! But all in all, these episodes are normally pretty boring and it didn't change this season. Looking forward to the next two episodes to see who these two end up with!


Thanks for reading.


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