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BWaB The Golden Bachelor Week 7 - The Women Tell All + Rose Ceremony

Ladies and gentlemen, we got some conclusions from last week's episodes, and you are not going to believe who went home!

The Golden Bachelor

To start it off, The Women Tell All started off the episode. We don't learn who is the person that gets sent home as they show us at the end, then they cut live to them seeing each other for the first time. Let's just say, it was a tear jerker.

Here are some highlights from the women tell all:

- Kathy tells herself that maybe she could have zipped it a little more after watching back the season

- Kris Jenner sends a video to the cast, calls out her doppelgänger Susan specifically

- Joan, the one who had to go home early, got to get a few minutes with Gerry

- Ellen, the pickleball co-captain, shared that her close friend of 60 years convinced her to come on the show. The friend at the time got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and unfortunately passed away before the show aired. Jesse Palmer was like there is someone here in the audience, and I think everyone's first reaction was that they brought a ghost back for a bit.

The big twist of the night, who did Gerry send home... it was FAITH

I think Gerry said it without saying it, but for him he got to see her with her family. They were so close and he didn't think she would move away from them, and the logistics just wouldn't have worked. But when they saw each other on the stage they both started balling their eyes, it was a very sweet moment.

The episode ends with a teaser for the rest of the season. At this rate I think Leslie has it, but time and time again Theresa has gotten a rose, so who the heck knows.

Bachelor in Paradise

So the Charity thing wasn't as bomb dropping as they made it seem. Charity shared with Aaron and with Eliza all of the stuff this Ex had shared. Aaron was able to clear the air and him and Eliza are good.

They show conflict between Olivia and Kat but we can skip to the rose ceremony. Before the rose ceremony, one of the new girls Becca, who went on a date with Brayden, decided to leave. It was really weird but I feel like the producers kind of told her to leave, so there could be more drama with Brayden's rose. Here were the roses.

Aven gave his rose to Kylie

Tyler gave his rose to Mercedes

Peter gave his rose to Sam

Aaron gave his rose to Eliza

Blake gave his rose to Jess

Tanner gave his rose to Rachel?! I must have missed something but I guess they talked and they hit it off

John Henry gave his rose to Kat

Brayden gave his rose to Olivia to keep the drama

Davia and Genevie, they both came to the beach that week and had to pack their bags.

They are really taking their time this season to get to the rose ceremonies. Averaging an episode and a half before we see people leave.

The only thing to note is Michael, I think from Charity's season since Brayden knew him, came to the beach. Everyone wants him to give the date to Olivia but we will see. These type of teases normally mean she doesn't get it.


Thanks for reading.

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