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BWaB The Golden Paradise Week 2 - Getting Down to Business

Bachelor Data shared that The Golden Bachelor is a breath of fresh air for the franchise. This was the first time since Matt James season that the show had received higher season premiere ratings. If you click into the post you will see that there has been a steady decline in ratings each season. What I found super interesting is Bachelor in Paradise had about half of the viewers the Golden Bachelor did, which is super interesting since the shows are on back to back. Why could this be happening? I think there are two reasons.

The first reason is the audience of who watches TV. This data is related to cable TV, and the audience who would watch the Golden Bachelor are still using cable where as the younger generation has chosen to watch the show through streaming services.

The second reason is the content. Right away in the Golden Bachelor they got us to fall in love with all of the characters in the show. The women are supportive and wholesome, and Gerry is a great lead. Poor guy cries every rose ceremony because he doesn't want to say goodbye to these women. Where as the first season of paradise made us watch a love triangle of three characters who got barely any time on their respective seasons. I believe they had a collective of 5 mins on the seasons they were on. So for these reasons I think The Golden Bachelor is being seen as a massive success while Paradise is still declining. So did the second episodes follow a similar pattern to the premiere? Recap below

The Golden Bachelor Recap

The episode started with the ladies seeing their new living situation. It was pretty comical because ladies were like, I need to be the bathroom because I go in the middle of the night, and I can't have the top bunk because I had my knees replaced. Was funny to watch them have fun with the idea of how the ladies have to share a room.

The only 1x1 went to Theresa. From how the women reacted, it was Theresa's birthday on the day she got the 1x1. For the date they went to this retro diner. Any readers who are also pump fans, I am pretty confident that this diner was where the crew at SUR did their retro photo shoot. Photo below.

Theresa and Gerry bonded over their losses and they seem to have a nice connection. Theresa got to rose and more importantly a flash mob to take them out of the diner to a dance party.

For the group date we brought back Franco, the photographer who has somehow found himself a full time gig on this show. This date he brought the group to a Malibu villa to do a fun photoshoot. During the date one of the women, Nancy, had a hard time because she had a lot of memories from her wedding day after putting on the dress. Gerry felt like they bonded when they talked and gave her the group date rose.

It must have been birthday week because Gerry had is birthday also this week. They had a day cocktail party for this birthday. They had a very nice time! Nothing really to note in the drama party. Was a lot of wholesome moments throughout the week. Roses:











Three got sent home. One thing I am curious about is are they going to travel around the country. I haven't noticed anything in the trailers but I am curious if they will get to leave the mansion.

Bachelor in Paradise Recap

Paradise started off with a lot of what we saw at the end of last week. Aven joins the beach. After a will he, won't he, Aven asks Kylie to go on the date. Will is sad and Olivia is pretty happy to that Will is sad.

While Aven and Kylie are having a very nice date, they will probably be a strong couple from the season, Hannah Brown comes to the beach! Wait did he just say Hannah Brown?! Yes the icon Hannah comes down not to date, but to stir the pot.

Hannah hosted a bon fire where she made all of the beachgoers to air out their dirty laundry. This is the first time where it feels like everyone's intentions are out in the open like this. Normally people know but not the whole group. It will be interesting to see how that plays out, nothing really to note at the moment.

We did get a rose ceremony so a few people leave the beach. Here is how the rose went, again the guys were handing them out:

Brayden gives his rose to Kat

Blake gives his rose to Jess

Aaron B gives his rose to Eliza

Will gives his rose to Mercedes

Sean gives his rose to Rachel

Aven gives his rose to Kylie

Aaron S gives his rose to Sam

Peter gives his rose to Olivia

Greer, Cat and Brooklyn go home

Next week the ladies will be handing out the roses and we already know who is coming to the beach. Tyler from Rachel's season and Tanner from Charity's season are going to join the beach. It looks like Sean/Rachel and Brayden/Kat are going to be the main focus with these new guys coming to the beach next week.

I'll keep you updated if there is any other drastic news about the ratings, but I do hope the Golden Bachelor still gets its super high ratings.


Thanks for reading.


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