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BWaB The Golden Paradise Week 6 - The Double Cliffhanger

So what happened this week?! Who knows as bot the Golden Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise left us on cliffhangers before a rose ceremony. This is the first episode of the Golden Bachelor that led to no rose ceremony and in Bachelor in Paradise I think every episode hasn't ended with a rose ceremony. So how did we get here?

The Golden Bachelor

We have 3 hometowns dates this week. In an interesting twist, as with this whole season of the Golden Bachelor, Gerry is going to hometowns to meet the kids and the grandkids instead of the parents. There is some funny dialogue between the grandkids and Gerry, a new dynamic to these hometown dates.

We start with Theresa in New Jersey. What was pretty funny is they were doing the classic Bachelor run up and jump into my arms. I think Gerry only caught Leslie out of the three.

Theresa brings Gerry to it seem like her daughters house. They had a nice day together. Something the daughter said, and all of the other kids shared with Gerry, was that they get to see their mom/their kids grandma about every day. They are constantly together. I feel like that is the most valid point about this experience is these are full lives they would have to uproot to make this work. So does Gerry move to them? Does Gerry make them move to him? Its a pretty real question that I have a hard time seeing them figure it out.

Back to Theresa's date, she shares that she is in love with him. Gerry didn't say anything back, which will become important later.

The second hometown is Faith. She lives in the middle of nowhere in Washington state. I believe Gerry is also from the country but this is different. She said she takes her horse to the grocery store kind of country.

Out of the three it seem like Gerry was most excited to meet Faith's family. At the end of the date they both said that they are in love with each other! So we have 2 that have fell in love with Gerry, and Gerry has shared feelings back with only one of them. So would about Leslie?

Leslie lives in Minneapolis, or at least that is where the hometown was. It seem like they chose to have it at a neutral location instead of going to their house. I think geographically this is the closest person to Gerry, which I think is a big factor. At the end of the date Leslie says she is in love with him. Gerry is currently batting 100% with all of the women falling in love! And Gerry does his best Ben Higgins impression and shares with Leslie he is in love. To recap, Gerry told both Leslie and Faith that he is in love with them. Not falling, just plain in love.

At the rose ceremony Leslie gets the first rose and we didn't see the second rose get shared. Based on the love, I would take a strong guess Faith is getting the second rose. Next episode is going to be Gerry giving out the rose and the women tell all!

Bachelor in Paradise

So our mood is that going into Bachelor in Paradise, and we have to start with the Kat and Tanner drama. Short story short, Kat and Tanner go their own ways, so Kat is on the market! Reminder that at the moment, the men are giving out the roses.

Two new arrivals hit the beach, I believe they are both from Zach's season. Genevie takes Blake on her date, and Becca takes Brayden on hers. The Genevie and Blake one was more interesting out of the two. Before the date, it seem like Blake and Jess were planning to give each other some space to explore. And when Blake was on the date, he was really hitting it off with Genevie. Jess was also hitting it off at the beach with Tyler. We haven't seen the aftermath of Jess and Tyler kissing, but will be interesting to see who keeps pursuing Jess.

Brayden and Becca there are no notes. Rachel is a little bummed, so we will see if Rachel and Brayden stay together or if Becca gets Brayden's rose. It is pretty funny that all of the ladies for whatever reason are into this vibe!

The big drama from the episode is another Bachelorette hits the beach. For those at home we have had 3 touch the sands of paradise. So is this one joining the beach for advice or to have some fun. The Bachelorette is Charity and she is going to tell the girls about her men from the season.

Charity seems to only have some information that we get to see about Aaron B. From the sounds of it, Charity got a message from Aaron's former girlfriend who said that he was there for the wrong reasons. But that is what we know she is going to say, the cliffhanger is she hasn't said it yet. From the trailer we will get that plus the rose ceremony.

So two cliffhangers this week. Have some stuff we need cleared up, but overall it was a solid week of episodes. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Thanks for reading.

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