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BWaB BIP Week 3 - The Bachelorette of Paradise!

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: Girls have the roses this week. People who went on dates this week: Chris and Jessenia, Chasen and Deandra, Joe and Serena, Tia and Kenny. Before Tia showed up, there was a rose ceremony. And before that, a few wild things happened! Both Tre and Tahzjuan left. Also, for the first time ever, a former Bachelorette joined paradise. Becca Kurfin is now on the beach!

People who did not get a rose: Connor, Chasen, and Karl. At the very end, we get this teased:

For those who don't know, this is Kendall, Joe's ex girlfriend of two years, who he met on Bachelor in Paradise! Next week is going to be a crazy one!!

This week, I am going to break down what happened on Monday and Tuesday's episode, and share my thoughts on the season so far.


Monday Night

What is hard with a Monday night episode is it gets lost with Tuesday's episode, if they are doing back to back nights. Monday night's episode seems like it was last week. Regardless, here are some highlights from the episode: It starts with the smoke bros Chasen and Chris coming down to the beach together. To save you the 90 minutes it took to get her, Jessenia and Chris, who no one remembers, become a couple.

At the beach, Connor is trying to win Mariussa over. It is very obvious that she is no longer interested in Connor as she went to the Boom Boom room with Riley. Two other big shakeups happened on Monday!

Mari told Kenny that they should keep their relationship open, and that led Kenny to start talking to Demi. They made it to the Boom Boom room, and if you watched the clip above, Mari threw Kenny's cake in the fire. The other drama was between Thomas and Aaron. Aaron has dubbed Thomas to be his arch nemesis. Thomas swooped in and took Aaron's girl Tammy right in front of him, and Aaron had to watch them make out!

Thomas ends up having the last laugh because he gets the rose of Tammy.


Tuesday Night

Tuesday Night starts with all the drama and spends the first hour on the rose ceremony night. As mentioned before, Chasen, Connor, and Karl all were sent home, and Tre and Tahzjuan sent themselves home. Here is a full breakdown of who gave their rose to who:

Demi -> Kenny

Abigail -> Noah

Maurissa -> Riley

Jesennia -> Chris

Mari -> James

Serena -> Joe

Tammy -> Thomas

Deandra -> Ivan

Becca -> Aaron

Natasha -> Brendan

Jump to the next day, Tia, who use to have a thing with Colton, came to the beach. She ended up grabbing Kenny for the date. They played nude volleyball with some strangers. The episode ends with the cliffhanger video I showed above, with Kendall coming to the beach.


My Thoughts So Far

I think this has been a great season of Bachelor in Paradise. The contestants are fun to root for, and I feel like they have taken a fun approach this season. The bio's under peoples names when they are doing a talking head is hilarious, and I have enjoyed the two guest hosts so far.

With how much content we have watched so far, 10 hours, I am worried that there will not be any love stories at the end, which is suppose to be the reason for the show. I am curious if they start focusing more on the relationships over the next couple episodes or they stay focused only on the drama.

If you haven't been watching, I respect it because it is a four hour commitment in each at the moment, but I hope you enjoy the recaps!


Bach Bracket

I think this season my group has given up on putting their picks in before the episode airs.

I haven't won a season yet, so gladly will take this as my first win! I had a feeling this was going to happen, so I joined another league to see how my picks compared to strangers. The league I am in is the Almost Famous podcast, which is run by Ben and Ashley, both Bachelor nation superstars. After this week I am in the top 10%!! We will see if I can get my picks into the top 5% by the end of the season.


Thanks for reading.


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