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Can we just appreciate Matt Carpenter for a quick second?

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

With a team filled with Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Anthony Rizzo, Gerrit Cole, and Nestor Cortes, it's quite surprising that I even give the attention to a 36 year old Matt Carpenter.

An insurance bat when Donaldson and Stanton were on the IL, but now he's cementing himself as the ultimate pinch hitter when the time comes. The guy plays once or twice a week but hits absolute dingers. Today, he proved that with two moonshots. He even stepped foot in the infield and held down the fort on third base.

He's played in 10 games this season and has seven hits.

Six are home runs.

One is a bunt single.

I mean, really? That is just one, hilarious, but two, effective as hell. His glorious mustache shines in the sun but his home runs shine brighter in the Bronx.

I wrote about him last week on how he will be that trivia question about random players to dawn pinstripes, but he is now becoming that dude that will have a highlight reel when the World Series DVD comes out. This season and him have been fun as ever, let's hope the magic stays alive.

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