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Carlos Correa is a New Yor... Minnesota Twin? 3 year, $105M contract that came out of left field.

Friday night at 2 am (Saturday morning?*), and this is NOT what I was expecting. Woahhhhh. The Twins pulled a fast one and signed THE marquee free agent, the shortstop. Surprising in itself, but the contract is not at all what I envisioned.

Three years, $105.3M with two opt outs. Not the 7,8,9 year and $300+ million, so congrats to Minnesota for snagging this one. I am shocked, but I guess the market wasn't in his favor. I mean, his AAV from the deal is $35 million, which is the largest ever for an MLB infielder, I am just surprised by the length.

When the Yankees traded for IKF, I had no idea where Correa would end up. All signs pointed to him returning to the Astros, but the Twins? Out of left field. They are so far out of contention, offering a guy $35M a year is quite the headscratcher.

What hurts more as a Yankee fan right now...

  1. They missed out on Carlos Correa as a whole (thanks Hal)

  2. The Yankees made the trade that gave the Twins the salary relief to go and sign Correa (thanks Cashman)

  3. The Twins left side of the infield is Correa AND Gio Urshela

I digress. It is what is is, but man, the Yankees whiffed on this one. Well, the sweepstakes could be back on next year or the year after, but for now, I am in disbelief.


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