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Citi Field could get a retractable roof in the future

The Mets got rained out this past weekend and now the conversation of adding a retractable roof to Citi Field has started brewing. According to that Heyman article, a retractable roof would cost around $800 MILLION DOLLARS. Now I guess thats not a lot for Uncle Stevie, however why doesn't he use that money to go get Ohtani or maybe get some pitchers that aren't over the age of 45.

Citi Field is BEAUTIFUL and does not need a roof. Rainouts happen and are apart of baseball. No need to go full panic and say THE METS NEED A ROOF ASAP because one series got delayed.

To be fair, back in April, Ohtani pitched during POURING rain in Boston and looked MISERABLE, so maybe Ohtani will only sign with a team thats either in a warm climate or has a retractable roof.

I don't know why but a roof at Citi Field just doesn't sit right with me. Take that $800 million and invest into a good bullpen and some pitchers that aren't over the age of 45.


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