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Could the Mets Last Minute Acquisitions help Launch them into the Playoffs?

As the trade deadline came and went today in Major League Baseball, many Mets fans sat back and waited to see if Brodie Van Wagenen would somehow manage to trade away the next superstar from the Mets farm system. Thankfully, Brodie spared the top prospects within the organization, sending only some middle-of-the-line prospects for some middle-of-the-line talent to help plug some holes within the lineup and bullpen. Fine. Great. Spectacular. The question on everyone's mind now lingers: is this enough to help the Mets solidify themselves as a playoff team?

Photo: Metsmerized Online

The answer is simple. No. No it is not. If there was ever a metaphor for the Mets, it is that they are the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail; ever so foolishly attempting to fight back with overconfidence and about 4 limbs too little. As the 60 game quest continues with a plethora of injuries (Syndergaard, Davis, Matz) and opt outs (Cespedes, Stroman), deadline moves to acquire talent seem futile. “‘Tis but a scratch”, I continue to tell myself.

Photo: Rising Apple

The Mets seem to be trying to fit 162 games of misery within a 60 game schedule, and I struggle to find an excuse as to why I’m surprised. Edwin Diaz is still Edwin Diaz (well, at least the Edwin Diaz Mets fans know), hitting with runners in scoring position is still abysmal, and the lineup still refuses to score runs when the Greatest Pitcher of All Time Jacob deGrom is on the mound. “‘Tis a flesh wound”, I reiterate.

Photo: Metsmerized Online

I suppose the truth behind the metaphor between the Mets and the Black Knight is, although they themselves believe they are brave and noble for continuing to fight on, the harsh reality is that they are stubborn, they are predictably incapable, and they are, without a doubt, wholeheartedly, foolish. If you are going to lose, lose. Lose with dignity. Lose with a purpose. Lose with the future in mind. Knowing your fate and committing to it is far more respectable than clinging on to something that isn’t there.

Robinson Chirinos isn’t going to give Mets fans hope. Todd Frazier (ugh) isn’t going to give Mets fans hope. The shortstop in A ball with the flashy glove and quick bat is going to give Mets fans hope. The flamethrower signed with international pool money is going to give Mets fans hope. Consider this, Brodie, and you may just keep your job.


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