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Could Tom Brady be on The Masked Singer?

As they say, “The Devil works hard, but Reddit users work harder.”

PIC: Douglas Clifford, TB Times

Tom Brady made headlines last week when head coach Todd Bowles announced that Brady would be away from the team for “personal matters.” The only additional information Bowles gave was that he’d be out at least through the Bucs’ second preseason game against the Tennessee Titans on Saturday, and the earliest he could rejoin the team would be Monday 8/22.

Rumors immediately started to spawn. Many fell back on the theory that Brady and his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, were getting divorced; after all, he did announce his retirement to “spend more time with the family,” but that didn’t quite seem to hold up after he promptly returned back to the playing field. The ongoing tampering investigations with the Dolphins don’t help the cause, either; could he be staying away from the team for disciplinary reasons?

Turns out, one Redditor seems to think the answer is right in front of us: he’s going on The Masked Singer.

This Reddit user explains the ties between FOX and Brady are just too strong to ignore. The $375 million deal he signed with FOX over ten years locks him up as the network’s number one analyst, and kicks in the day he retires (for good). Could FOX really have lured him into a role on The Masked Singer too? They certainly did with Joe Buck, who performed on the most recent season…his reveal went down on the day he signed his mega-deal with ESPN (awkward).

I must admit, the schedule sleuthing that this Redditor called his “smoking gun” is pretty damning if he is indeed on the show. The dates coincide almost exactly with Brady’s leave of absence.

I guess it'll only be a matter of time before we find out of Brady's got the pipes to succeed on this show, and most importantly, if he wins.


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