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Did Messi copy Prime? Futbol Superstar and Miami Forward launched a new sports drink that is eerily similar to a competitor.

Lionel Messi has adjusted quite well in the United States. From leading the MLS in assists with 13 and scoring 12 goals himself, Inter Miami is at the top of the table with a 10-3-5 record and a 15-goal differential. Outside the pitch, Messi has kicked off his American entrepreneurial career with the news of releasing his own hydration drink brand, Mas+.

According to the drink's website, Mas+ contains a blend of electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants, with natural flavors and no artificial sweeteners or coloring. They claim that each bottle only has 10 calories (per 16.9 oz), and comes in various punny-named flavors.

Fans of the footballer have flocked to the site, and are estatic for the release, which is obvious because anything Messi touches turns to gold, and his fans worldwide idolize his every being. The only issue with the launch is that the brand is eerily similar to a competitor on the market.

PRIME, started by KSI and Logan Paul, launched back in 2022. The brand has shipped the product worldwide, surpassing over $1.2 billion in annual sales last fall, but they have also been involved in a class action lawsuit at the same time. The lawsuit states that Prime Hydration drink consists of “forever chemicals” like PFOA and PFOS, which can put children's health at risk.

Online followers have been stating the brand is far too similar for a product in the same beverage category, while others are calling it a flat-out rip-off. According to the page, Mas+ has 10 calories while Prime has between 20 and 25. There is supposedly also less sugar, and the combination of vitamins and minerals is "different". We won't know the taste until it comes out, but the popular influencers might be getting a run for their money.

Now Mas+ doesn't fall into trademark law by name but by appearance and marketing could be conflicting, and PRIME could sue due to its direct reference point. Do they have a case? Does Messi care? A massive social media influencer sports drink war was not in my cards for 2024.


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