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Do Your Job: An Accolade for Bill


An Account of the 2022 New England Patriots Season

Previous Entries Bill Belichick passes George Halas on the list for most career wins by an NFL coach. PIC: David Silverman

Bill Belichick was destined for football immortality. But now, he's got another feather in his cap, climbing the list of the NFL's winningest coaches.

With the 22-17 win over the Jets on Sunday, Belichick passed legendary Bears head coach George Halas, who passed away in 1983, on the list for most career wins by an NFL head coach. BB has racked up 325 wins, including both the regular season & postseason, in his 28 seasons at the helm of both the Cleveland Browns and the Pats. This places him second only behind Don Shula, who won 347 games at the helm of the Miami Dolphins (and less notably, the Baltimore Colts).

Of course, he declined to congratulate himself when the media told him of his accomplishment on Sunday. "Maybe we'll talk about that when it's over," he said. "Add them up at the end." Vintage.

But just because Bill downplays his sole possession of #2 on the all-time winningest head coach ever doesn't mean that we should, too. And I'm glad he got the recognition he deserved from the guys that go to war with him every day.


MATT JUDON: "We're very proud of our coach. He tells us players win games, but he won all those games -- he game-planned, he did the film, the preparation, the study, and put his players in position to make plays. Him being second all-time, that's just an accomplishment to him as a coach, the longevity he's had, and like he said, the players as well."

MAC JONES: "Congratulations to Coach Belichick on his accomplishment. Obviously he's done a great job here and it's a blessing to play for him. Obviously we don't do the whole individual awards, but that's a big one."

MATTHEW SLATER: "I hope the game of football, I hope the fans appreciate what he's doing."

Even Tom Brady, who probably knows him best, had a mouthful to say.

It's hard to say when Bill's career will end. And, with the way the game changes, you can't entirely rule out that it'll be in Foxboro (albeit extremely unlikely he'll ever take another job). But if he can stick around a few more years with the same success he's historically had, it'll be a no-brainer that 23 more wins to break Shula's record is simply another day at the office for BB.


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