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Donovan Mitchell says he didn't wanna finish the Cavs game after finding out deGrom news

Cavs might have gotten an impressive W on Friday night, but Donovan Mitchell suffered a major sports loss along the way.

Donovan Mitchell is a mega NY sports fan especially the Mets. He is always seen in Uncle Stevies box and right behind home plate. When Jacob deGrom signed with the Rangers Friday night, Mitchell and the Cavs were in the middle of a game against the Magic.

At halftime, someone told Mitchell the news and he did not wanna come back out for the rest of the game.

He also said that he might call up deGrom in a bit and cus him out over his decision.

Last night was hell as a Mets fan. I woke up this morning and thought to myself, "was that real? Is deGrom really on the Rangers? I don't think it will really hit me until I see him pitch for the first time in a Rangers uniform.

I just keep repeating this tweet over and over to myself:


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