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"Emily in Paris" might be the worst show of all time

I watch a lot of television and let me tell you; there's a lot of bad tv out there, especially on Netflix. "Emily in Paris" was a Netflix COVID hit. It came out in October 2020 when most of were still locked down so we had nothing better to do then watch it and love it.

I thought the first season was good, not great. It deserved a second season with the popularity it had, but the second season was extremely disappointing. I couldn't make it through the second season with the cringe acting. It is one of those things that you think is so good during peak lockdown time because you have nothing else to do, but once you get your normal life back and watch it, you think to yourself..."what is this trash.?"

Well, the THIRD season of Emily in Paris came out last Friday. I didn't even know it was renewed for a third. (EDIT: WOW IT WAS ALSO RENEWED FOR A FOURTH AT THE SAME TIME). It's crazy because I think the show is so bad, but it is popular enough where Netflix will just keep renewing it because they only have like three popular television shows.

Emily In Paris is one of those shows that has a pretty big social media presence. However, whenever I see people posting about it, they are making fun of the show. This scene right here is from the Pilot episode should have been the red flag that this show was beyond cringe, but during peak lockdown, we were just all happy to consume some new TV, especially one that takes place in Paris.

The quality of Netflix has gone down so badly that when they make a good TV show I am genuinely shocked. At least they will always have Stranger Things...


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