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Everything College Basketball: Episode 148-What If?

It is the first episode of the Summer series!

We open the show up with a lengthy discussion on the biggest women's college basketball transfer news in years, Hailey Van Lith transferring to the defending champs LSU. Josh, Phil, and Trevor break down the impact of this transfer on the women's game and have a healthy discussion on the state of Women's CBB. Should Iowa play LSU early in the season to capitalize on high ratings?

Next, we talk about the transfer portal and who has been some of the big winners during the early period. West Virginia looks poised to make a big push after having success from the portal. Also, we talk about who is still in the portal and project where we think they go as their next stop in college basketball or if they ultimately go the professional route.

Lastly, we have summer fun and talk about some of the biggest "WHAT IF's" from college basketball in the last couple of decades. What if Gordan Hayward's half-court heave goes in against Duke and how does that alter CBB history? What If John Calipari takes the NC State job in 2006? It's a fun discussion looking back at some of the biggest scenarios that never happened in college basketball.


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