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Explaining the Unexplained


Hey Spooky Pals!!

You all know we are obsessed with coffee and crime but conspiracies are right up there as well! So if you're anything like us then you're in for a treat in today's episode. Episode 20 features our very first guest!! Connor AKA @Con_Spiracy on TikTok or @Morbid_facts on Instagram joins us to discuss all sorts of conspiracies. We cover everything from aliens, the Smiley Face Killers, Gabby Petitio and Brian Laundrie, to Jeffrey Epstein and more!!! Make sure to listen and follow so you don't miss our next episode with him …. OOPS Spoiler Alert ! (;

Come down the rabbit hole with us and as always keep it spooky!


Kails and Kels


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