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Fellas, Here is Why You Should Watch This Season of The Bachelor

Updated: May 19, 2022

Before you take a quick look at this and write this article off, I am going to tell you a couple of reasons why you should be watching this season of The Bachelor. For those who know nothing about the show, Tuesday, October 13th will be the season premiere of The Bachelorette. This season is going to be unlike any other season! Spoilers ahead.

The Bachelor Bubble

One of the cool things about the Bachelor is they get to travel to all of these exotic places. People have gotten engaged in places like Bora Bora, Fiji, and Switzerland.

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This season, we get to see the beautiful and exotic La Quinta Resort & Club in Palm Springs. So seeing how they utilized a hotel for 5 weeks, how long they film the show, will be very interesting.


We Have a New Bachelorette?

I did warn you there were spoilers ahead. Clare Crawley, who is this year’s Bachelorette, reportedly quit filming because she had fallen in love with one of the contestants. If you would like to look him up his name is Dale Moss. Since she left, the producers had to scramble to find a new lead.

A fan favorite from Colton’s season, Tayshia Adams, takes over and gets to have Clare’s leftovers. So during the middle of the show, there will be a switch in the lead. Also, there have been spottings of multiple Bachelor alum including Hanna Ann Sluss and Becca Kurfin so who knows what the hell that means.

There are also rumors that we lose Chris Harrison, the host, for part of the show. He left the bubble and supposedly couldn’t give us his famous line for a couple of weeks.


Why Should you Watch?

If the crazy dynamics of a bubble plus a switch in the lead midseason didn’t intrigue you to watch, maybe these points will.

My Fellas in a relationship

With Labor Day come and gone, we can unofficially say goodbye to Summer. As I mentioned earlier, the new season of The Bachelorette will be starting in mid-October. That is going to be the heart of Fall. What also will be happening mid-October: MLB playoffs, NFL season, College Football, and the offseason of the NBA and NHL.

You know what will also be happening mid-October: the weather will be getting significantly colder. With the weather plus flu season, there is a good chance that things that are currently opening now, like restaurants and breweries, will be closing their outdoor seating. What will probably not shut down - apple orchards and pumpkin patches!

So instead of having to watch Red Zone on your phone while you are out picking Macintosh’s, give in and watch this season The Bachelorette with your girl. Give up your Tuesdays so you can have your Sundays.

For my Single Fellas

Thanks to COVID, meeting a girl just got a whole lot harder. You can’t go shoot your shot at the bar these days. Instead, girls are relying more and more on dating apps to meet people.

For those who are on Hinge, why don’t you put that you watch the Bachelor on your profile? If you do that, you probably should watch the show so you can have an actual conversation. Just think about this for a second, which do you think a girl is more likely to start a conversation on The Bachelor or Beer?

Don’t get me wrong girls love beer, but they are going to be more likely to start a conversation about some they know and are comfortable with, i.e The Bachelor! It is a small-time investment to help you potentially find your wife.


I wouldn’t tell you to watch this if I didn’t think it would benefit you in some way. This season is primed to be at least to a new viewer, very entertaining. With things seeming to stay as is or potentially get worse, watching this season of The Bachelorette seems like a very easy choice.


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