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Four former Yankees win the World Series. Hopefully Cashman wakes up after tonight's game.

That's all she wrote! The 2023 MLB season has come to an end. The Rangers spent the money, made the trades at the deadline, and won their first ever championship. It's crazy how simple the formula is, no?

As any baseball fan would do (especially Yankee fans), you begin to overthink and spiral because your team didn't get the job done. This one hurt because of the amount of former players that were in the postseason. None of them really did much in pinstripes, but it makes you think of all the "what ifs" and "why's".

The Rangers were loaded of Yankees past and players who should have been dawning the pinstripes. You have a guy like Ezequiel Durán, who probably wouldn't have cracked the majors with the Yankees, but he was one of the players who was traded to Texas for the failed Joey Gallo experiment. He lit up the regular season, and now he gets to win a ring before any of the current players in the Bronx. Then you have Corey Seager, who took home his second World Series MVP trophy. That swing was destined for the short porch. You have Aroldis Chapman and Nathan Evoldi, who both earn their second rings. On the pitching side as well, Andrew Heaney and our sweet Jordan Montgomery, closed out a fiery rotation and took the Rangers to the promise land.

The one that really hurts is Monty, especially after the comments Cashman made when we shipped him to St. Louis for Harrison Bader. Listen, at the time, Bader was awesome, and Montgomery was serviceable, but to say he wasn't a playoff starter was bold and clearly untrue.

Tonight isn't the night to roadmap the 2024 season, but if tonight wasn't the night that the fire started burning under Cash and Hal's bum, I don't know what is. Congrats to Texas, and let the offseason begin.


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