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Friday Night Yikes. The Blue Jays just dropped a football score on the Red Sox in Boston.

I had a long week and went back home for a long weekend. After dinner, I wanted to catch up on some work, rip a few blogs, and call it a night. I tuned in to the Yankees of course, and watched Judge ripped two homers in monstrous fashion. I then wanted to check around the league, and had a to take a double take on the Red Sox score.

Oh my goodness... 25 runs through the first five innings, which set a franchise record. It was a combination of hot bats from the Jays and total lack of effort on Boston's part. The hits kept coming but nothing was more surprising then Raimel Tapia's inside-the-park grand slam. Just typing that makes it seem like were watching a video game recap.

That made it 10-0 in the 3rd inning. It got as high as 15-0 before the Red Sox sniffed a score, then the Blue Jays dropped 11 runs in the 5th. ELEVEN RUNS... All in all it ended with a final score of 28-5. A total blow of confidence.

All 9 Toronto starters had at least 2 hits and 2 runs scored. They scored 19 runs scored with 2 outs and it was the most runs allowed by the Red Sox in a game. Are the Blue Jays back or are the Sox tapped? It could have just been an outlier, but what a weird game of baseball.

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