Frosty Boi Fridays S:1 Ep:1 Aeronaut Brewing Live Review

Okay so this was my first ever live review. A few things to correct. I know Will and Jake will give me shit for this but the blog is called House Enterprise not "Enterprise House". I would have restarted the video but I didn't realize till the end and I couldn't go back. If you have suggestions send me a DM on IG: @boston_beers.

Frosty Boi Fridays is a tradition I would do over snapchat where at 5PM on Friday I would send people a video of me getting HYPED for the weekend. I have adapted the fun part of it and now turned into a live beer review. Going forward, I will be having guest beer reviewers on some Fridays joining me to talk beer and see who can shotgun faster. I think of the shotgun as a nice palette cleanser before sinking my tastebuds into a nice and juicy IPA.

For the first ever episode I chose Aeronaut "Double Citra Galaxy". Now I am a huge fan of galaxy hops. As I found out about the release, I jumped out of my seat to get it. I think this is one of the better NEIPA's that they have released. Galaxy and Citra hops are always known for making super juicy and hazy IPA's. Good job Aeronaut!

Photo by @Boston_Beers

ABV: 8%

Hops: Galaxy & Citra

Color: Like Orange Juice 

Ranking: 8.52/10

Overall I did really enjoy this beer and as I am moving to Somerville in the next few weeks, I cannot wait to visit the tap room often.

Cheers and have a great weekend,

The Boston Beer Guy