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Frosty Boi Fridays Episode 8: Small Change Brought to you by Proof Somerville

On todays Episode of Frosty Boi Friday, I welcome on a very special guest Mike Patterson, who is the Owner of Small Change Brewing (@smallchangebeer) in Cambridge, MA. Today we got to review "If You're Ready", a New England IPA brewed by them.#frostyboifriday

Small Change If You're Ready NEIPA

ABV: 6.5%

Hops: Citra & Mosaic

Color: Hazy Yellow

Our Rating:

- Me 8.7/10

- Matt 8/10

Shotgun Rating:

-Me: 10/10 - Perfect

-Matt No Data Recorded

Mike and I dove into his background on how he started Small Change. Like most people who own breweries, Mike spent plenty of time working for different places, including@mysticbrewery&@nightshiftbrewing; and he home brewed as well. After doing this he realized he needed a change. That change was Small Change! Based in Cambridge MA, you can really find Small Change anywhere, including all over MA in liquor stores. From Mike driving around in his mini van, to now having an incredible distribution channel with@nightshiftdistro; they have scaled up to the point where their small operations has grown big enough that it's time to talk TAP ROOM!!!. Yes... I said Tap Room. Mike mentioned that hopefully a year form now or sooner, they will have a taproom that everyone can enjoy their great beer in.

Overall it was an amazing review and I want to thank Mike for letting this happen!

As always this review is Sponsored by@proofsomerville. If you are in somerville and looking for a wide selection of amazing craft beers, head on over and they will take care of you!

Cheers and Stay Frosty,

The Boston Beer Guy


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