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Garrett Stubbs has become baseball's newest clown

"F*ck the Bravos

And whoever the f*ck we play next

And always the Mets!"

Via The Big Lead


How come it's always the guys who do the absolute least are the one's who celebrate the loudest?

Garrett Stubbs and the Philadelphia Phillies went viral after a video captured their very clever NSFW chant, shortly after they eliminated the Atlanta Braves in the National League Division series.


Now, I would totally understand if this was Bryce Harper, or Trea Turner, or Kyle Schwarber or whoever else on that stacked Phillies team, but backup catcher Garrett Stubbs?! Really?! Let's take a look at the big man's NLDS stats:

Oh, huh... that's interesting...

You mean to tell me that this man rode pine the entire series and still decided that he was worthy of being able to celebrate in such a way? Have some dignity! Sit in the corner, sip your beer, and thank your teammates for carrying your inadequate bat as far as they did.

Garrett Stubbs is literally the kid who does absolutely nothing during the group project, puts his name on the PowerPoint, and still walks away with an A+.

It gets better! You'd think Stubbs' teammates would've told him to tone down the trash talk for a bit, you know, considering that there was still an entire Championship Series and a World Series to get through before they could call themselves champions. Nope, Garrett Stubbs and the Philadelphia Phillies doubled down.

“I’ve seen that pool before, so I know exactly where it is, if we take two here against Arizona, we’ll be bee-lining it for the water."

Garrett Stubbs speaks on the pool in Chase Field, Phoenix, Arizona


Someone must've forgot to tell Stubbs that they would also need to defend home field in order to win the series... clearly he was more concerned with when he might be able to take his next dip.


If I had to sit on the bench and watch my teammates get all the glory for carrying their team as far as they did, with absolutely no help from me even in the slightest, I'd also say asinine things in order to try to keep myself relevant. So I totally get it.

Are you wondering if Stubbs' NLCS went any differently then his NLDS? Surely he must've been able to record at least one plate appearance after warming the bench all postseason long, right? Nope. Zero plate appearances once again for Mr. Stubbs, in a series in which the Phillies blew a 2-0 lead, dropped Game 6 and Game 7 at home, flashed their naked ring fingers at each other in an attempt to say "we're winning it all" and walked away with NOTHING, as the Phillies are so used to doing.

Garrett Stubbs' antics were bad and embarrassing, but the Philadelphia Phillies as a whole have turned into a complete clown show over the last 24 hours, and it will be a long time before social media stops having fun with it.


Shouts out to the Arizona Diamondbacks on winning the National League Pennant! For the first time since 2001, the World Series returns to the desert, and I'll be rooting hard for the Snakes.

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