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Giants Week 5 Recap: We knew how this was going to end

First and foremost, prayers go out to Dak Prescott. Redzone and CBS probably showed his ankle fifteen times, and it was gruesome. We're talking Gordon Hayward and Paul George type of ankle injury. Not going to post it here, but if you haven't seen, click here.

Prescott has had a year full of gut wrenching adversity, that would break most people. I hope he comes back better than ever and that he has a safe and speedy recovery.

Now back to our regular schedule program, a blog filled with disappointment and disgrace. I stated last week that I don't see the Giants winning this game, so I shouldn't be surprised, but I am wildly let down. They at least covered the spread at -7.5, so thank you? The Giants were hot from the gates. I was wiping my imaginary glasses to make sure I was looking at the Giants I know. Jason Garrett revenge game was activated. He faced off against his old team for the first time since being canned of his head coaching spot in Dallas and the Giants offense had its best game of the season; scoring a season-high 34 points. Giants started hot then promptly digressed. The Cowboys won that game for Dak. Shoutout to Gano, Bradberry, and Fackerell. Daniel Jones, the clock is ticking.

I am convinced that the Giants love to lose. They seem like they could care less if they won a game. But they still can't find a way to win. The Giants are the worst team since the start of the 2017 season (12-41). Despite the loss, the Giants proved that they made improvements, and those changes worked.




The Former Packers, Linebackers

As much as we give Dave Gettleman shit (and I hate to give him credit), he truly improved the defense. Signing these two players has been so fun to watch. Blake Martinez had 7 tackles but more importantly has been the quarterback of the defense. He instructs his teammates well and always seems to be right in the mix. Kyler Fackrell intercepted Dak Prescott's overthrown pass to Ezekiel Elliott. Then, Fackrell put on the moves to return the pick all the way for a TD. He also had a huge tackle for a loss to halt the Dallas offense with three minutes left. I finally feel confident in our linebackers, and that is one less thing to worry about.

Good Guy Graham Gano

Right now, he is my pick for the team's MVP. Graham Gano was another DG pickup that has surprisingly worked out. Gano hit four field goals from 55, 50, 54 and 28 yards out making him the first Giants kicker to ever make three 50-plus yard field goals in a single game.

Evan Engram, welcome back!

The tight end running behind and outside for a TD. This was the confidence boost Evan Engram needed. He would have had another long reception touchdown if it wasn't brought back by an illegal shift on Nick Gates. He finished the day with only 27 yards, but I think he got his step back.

Three Cheers for these three!

- Darius Slayton, hip hip, hooray! 8 receptions, 129 yards. Not bad, not bad.

- Devonta Freeman, hip hip, hooray! 17 carries, 60 yards and a touchdown. With the way our O-Line is playing, we'll take it.

- Dalvin Tomlinson, hip hip, hooray! 6 tackles, 2 tackle for losses, a QB hit, and a sack. He was aggressive up front and seemed to always be around all the action.

Photo: NY Daily News

Not good, not bad

Andrew Thomas

Didn't really know which bucket to put the rookie, because he had an interesting performance. Andrew Thomas had another difficult matchup, as he was up against Demarcus Lawrence. He was beat badly, which resulted in a strip sack and then a scoop-and-score touchdown. His run block had promise, he is still a work in progress. He did provide constant pressure while the team was passing. His pass blocking was so-so. The big man has hands though! He caught an important two-point conversion in the fourth quarter.


Did Daniel Jones forget how to throw a touchdown?

If you want the recipe for "how to lose your job to Trevor Lawerence", ask Daniel Jones. This is the fourth consecutive game he has not thrown a touchdown. He is beginning to get labeled as a bust. Dwayne Haskins was just benched by Washington, not sure if Jones is next. He did have two touchdowns called back due to penalties, however, but still. The offense was somewhat moving. Despite the costly fumble (which we will go over next), he did not throw a pick. He also went 20-for-33 and threw 222 yards.

Giants, sponsored by "Butter Fingers"

I am starting to believe that Daniel Jones sticks his hand in a bag of movie theater popcorn before each game. How the hell has he not improved this issue? The true game changer and a large reason why we lost, was Jones sloppy ball handling. Second quarter, 1-10 on our own 35 yard line, Jones gifted the Cowboys the spark they needed. Cowboys forced a fumble, which led to a scoop and score. Jones fumbling his way out of a starting job. He has the most fumbles by a player in a year span. He also has turned the football over in 17  of his 18 pro starts.

Sloppy Secondary

There are two guys I'll move up the pros category from the secondary. James Bradberry was on Amari Cooper all game and only allowed two completions for 31 yards on five targets. Logan Ryan, who had another strong game with nine total tackles. Thank goodness for them. Asides from them, the secondary has been embarrassing. The need for a true CB2 makes me hate DeAndre Baker so much more. What a waste of talent. Issac Yiadom, Corey Ballentine, Adrian Colbert, and Darnay Holmes are just not cutting it..

What's next?

The Giants face off against the nameless but the gritty, Washington Football Team. They benched their former first rounder Dwyane Haskins, bumping him down to the third string. Kyle Allen was knocked out with concussion, and the fragile Alex Smith returned to the sport for the first time since his scary leg injury in 2018. This team has question marks, but has played somewhat well over the past few weeks.

This game reminds me of a throwback. It actually was the last time the Giants won a game. December 22nd, 2019. Daniel Jones led the Giants to a fourth-quarter comeback, throwing for five touchdown and defeating the Washington *Redskins, 41-35. The same day, we gave Washington the higher draft selection, where they selected the generational defensive player from The Ohio State, Chase Young. If the Giants win this game, we essentially could give the Redskins Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields. Great!I don't believe in purposely losing, and the Giants are the better team. I see them winning this game, but this team never fails to surprise me.


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