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Hal Steinbrenner taking a page out of his father's playbook to get Judge deal done is refreshing.

Two reporters I am not the biggest fans of, but still, they break the news.

We've seen Hal fumble the bag in the past. Yankees never made a formal offer to Manny Machado, even though they hosted him at Yankee Stadium. Machado wanted to top Giancarlo Stanton’s 13-year/$325M deal, and although his reported amount is a free-agent record, Yankees didn’t want to offer something that large. The Yankees never seriously considered Harper, after claiming they head plenty of depth at the position, and extended Aaron Hicks to a 7 year deal.

The deal that went down with Judge was business out of The Boss's playbook. No more games. The MVP and the face of baseball was going to dawn pinstripes, and we weren't going to let one year at the end of the deal hinder that.

The monkey is off the back and the major move that needed to happened took place. We can exhale for a second, but we haven't gotten better yet. Job isn't done. Still need a left fielder, need Rodon and another starter, need to move some pieces, and build a team better than the Astros. Time to buckle up.


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