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Has LeGM broadcasted the future of Russell Westbrook's Lakers tenure?

Does LeBron know something that we don't know yet? Everyone knows that LeBron is behind the doors having the conversations of who he wants to play with, and who he doesn't After missing the playoffs, and getting dragged online, it looks like Russell Westbrook is getting bagged as the scape goat.

So is Lebron trying to boost his stock up online? James is a boisterous Tweeter, but these old tweets have resurfaced, and it's starting to look like Russell Westbrook is on the outside looking in...

The rumor mill has been churning out news that the Pacers are interested in trading for Westbrook. With the recent addition of Pat Beverly, who the pair clearly don't like eachother, it seems the "Big 3" of LA is about to retool...


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