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Have yourself a night, Anthony Rizzo!

I said it back in October, but I am happy Yankee fans are truly excited so far this season, I wanted Anthony Rizzo back in the Bronx.

Freddie Freeman and Matt Olson were going to cost a fortune and farm, where as Cashman made the decision to trade for Rizzo at the deadline, a move that was surprising to say the least.

Since the trade, he has been nothing but awesome. The Yankees haven't had a true first baseman with this type of production since Tex. He was meant to be a Yankee (I am sorry Cubs fans).

The start of this season, and tonight specifically, has proved that statement to be true.

I know it's against Baltimore, but what a night from the Yank's first baseman.

3-for-4, 3 homers, 6 RBI's, 4 runs, and a walk.

Now THAT'S what we need. He's now the Major League home run leader, and he may very well hit 40 of them this season. Not only is he one helluva ballplayer, but he is a class act.

Like I said, he's leading the league with 8 homers, while also scoring 13 runs and 18 RBI's. He's slashing .283 with a 1.144 OPS. +10000 odds for MVP? I meannnnnn. (I did place some units responsibly)

The season is still early, but it's refreshing the kind of start Rizzo is having. Shame on all the people who didn't want him back. Either way, I am thankful he's apart of this squad.

The Yankees close out a big win against the Orioles, winning 6 of their last 7, tied for first in the AL-East at 11-6. Joining the Rizzo bombs were Aaron Judge with a birthday bash and fellow Italian, Joey Gallo, finally getting on the board.

Speaking of the Italians, rep the fellas, and buy your Italians merch today!


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