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Homecoming! The Friar stars stay put, as Bryce Hopkins and Devin Carter decide to stay at Providence

After a stellar introductory press conference in front of a packed (and standing room only) crowd, the Friar fan base officially fell in love with Coach Kim English and rallied behind Athletic Director Steve Napolillo and the College. It was a reassuring and refreshing conversation, that left everyone in the room wowed.

The biggest question, which was a fair one to be asked, was regarding the status update on star players Bryce Hopkins and Devin Carter? Both were vital players for the Friars last season success, and both were already former transfers.

Hopkins and Carter were both in attendance, dawning their Providence tracksuits, and following along to the words spoken by new Head Coach, Kim English.

I said this before, if the duo were to transfer, they would have done so already, right? We saw Jared Bynum depart from the organization after the Ed Cooley news cycle started, so wouldn't they have followed suit? Well, we know can reconfirm English's statement, because Bryce and Devin are both BACK at FriarTown.

And that doesn't include the reconfirmation of remaining from Corey Floyd Jr. and Alyn Breed. To be honest, I think Jayden Pierre remains too, because why would he enter the transfer portal, decide to stick back and play 1x1 against Kim English, and then go to his introductory press conference in full Friars gear? It makes you think. But all said and done, here are my three big takeaways from this news.

1. Providence Basketball is alive and well

Between the homerun hire of English, the reaffirmation of the programs rich history and success, and the financial backing of the Friar Family Collective NIL, Providence IS a destination for college basketball players, and WILL be a player for contention. It's a shame that Cooley said that Providence was going to be a destination for a championship run, because the infrastructure and fan base here show that he is wildly mistaken.

2. The players have already entrusted Coach Kim English

Like I stated above, if the guys wanted to leave after Cooley left, then they would have already. Kim English seems relatable and respected, and he hasn't even hosted a practice yet. He's hooping with guys after hours, he's creating relationships and having meals with the players, he is becoming a Friar through-and-through.

3. Ed Cooley and Georgetown don't have the pull that they anticipated

Cooley took his coaching staff to Georgetown, and flipped some prospects, but fans felt that was only the tip of the iceberg. It was for certain that the Friars players would have followed their once coach to the DMV, but clearly, that isn't it. A bride was burnt, and a new era starts at Providence. Cooley and Battle had some influence, but now, Kim English is ready to take this program to new heights.


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