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House Enterprise Fantasy Sports; "It's playoff time, sorta"

Our fantasy league playoffs start today. Here are the results heading into the week.

League Activity and Standings

Here are the final standings heading into the playoffs. Densen is emulating the Jets and is currently the only winless team (for now). The league has definitely tightened up and it is anyone's

As mentioned, this week is the start of our playoffs. Everyone has a bye, except for Densen and Hanold, who have the play into the playoffs. Will Hanold avoid the upset?

The format of the playoff bracket goes as the following. Play-in round one is this week. Round two is week 15. Semi-finals is week 16. The championship round is the final week of the regular season in week 17.

Whatever the outcome will be, the loser will have a punishment. Check out next week for the results!


Pick 'em Results

Our pick 'em league will run through the NFL playoffs. It is not as close as the fantasy league, but there are many pickers still in play. Here are the results heading into week 14 plus the selections for this week.



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