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House Enterprise is growing. Introducing the newest addition, The Normal Guy Lazy Eye Podcast!

It's an exciting time in the world of House Enterprise. We have teased the growth of the brand through various outlets. Kill and Tell has joined our brand, and another corporate connection is welcomed into the mix. The Content Tree grows and we are excited to announce a new member of the family. Introducing our newest addition to the family, Jerod Magazine!

He is the host of the latest House Enterprise Podcast, "The Normal, Guy Lazy Eye Podcast", an eye-opening experience that dives deep into the lives of your favorite personalities.

Back in the summer of 2020, Jerod ( a PC Friar Alumn) found himself cooped up in a small, Boston apartment dying to talk to people. Then, he had that eye-opening revelation... the idea of his podcast. He was just a normal guy with a lazy eye, so what made him special enough to host a podcast? He felt he wasn't interesting enough to host one. *Personally, bias aside, I think he is very interesting and easy to talk to, but his story speaks for itself*

However, the celebrity back story didn't matter. What mattered to Jerod was he was a normal guy who knew that there was incredible conversation out there to be had! Hence the start of his podcasting journey.

On the podcast, you'll hear some of the most enticing stories from all kinds of people, different backgrounds, and all the different roads that have gotten them to where they are now. He has spoken to all walks of life, from famous content creators to online personalities, and athletes. This partnership will showcase Jerod's incredible work and new exciting content that will be found throughout the site.

We are thrilled to have Jerod and the Normal Guy Lazy Eye podcast join our network. Make sure to follow his content and explore what his podcast has to offer. Stay tuned for what's in store! Tune in to this week's episode to hear the official announcement.



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