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House Enterprise on Twitter Spaces; catch up on all of our live convos in podcast form

As the brand grows, more content is starting to circulate. The past few weeks, The House has been hosting Twitter Spaces covering things like the Yankees losing the Wild Card and the initial reactions of the college football Top-25 rankings.

Sam Basel has taken the charge of leading this exciting endeavor. Twitter Spaces will provide our impromptu conversations and hottest takes from a variety of House Enterprise contributors. It will live as an archive of our live broadcasts on Twitter Spaces.

This week, we kicked of the first episode of the College Hoops Digest Show on Twitter Spaces! Now a part of the House Enterprise Network, Host Sam Basel talks with some of the top pundits from CHD and the House to preview the 2021-22 College Basketball Season. Alongside Will Tondo, Jake Zimmer, and Jeffrey Gordan, Sam discusses some of the biggest topics surrounding this year's College Campaign.

  • Can Gonzaga finally win it all?

  • Is the SEC the best it's ever been?

  • Can the Johnnies make the tournament this year?

Finally, Sam, Will, and Jake all give their super early predictions for the Final Four and Wooden Award Winners.

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