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How the heck is it almost 2021?!

It's been a second, beer friends. The Holidays caught up to me and I just haven't had the time to write on here, but the beer drinking kept coming so get ready for some back-dated #beerreviews

First off, how is 2021 3 days away? And my 31st birthday is on Saturday. Wasn't I just turning 30 and wasn't it just March like yesterday....

With that being said, I have had some tasty beers in the past couple of weeks, including this Cotton Candy IPA from Untitled Art, Collective Arts Brewing. This brewery was one of the first that Basic Girl Brew Review reviewed as we fell in love with not only their beer, but the passion behind their #canart which is derived from local artists around the globe.

Cotton Candy is one of my FAVORITE things in the world, so when I had a fellow beer lover say that they would send me two of these beers since I could not get my hands on it, I was over the moon excited (See video below for my response to trying this for the first time 🤪). Smooth and tasty with that subtle hint of Cotton Candy at the end, just MIND BLOWING. Probably one of my favorite beers that I have ever had the chance of trying, and that is just my opinion guys, not everyone loves a beer like this. I normally don't even like #IPAs but this was just amazing in my book.

^^ Me after drinking these beers

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