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"I'm brining my luggage with me, and it's Louis". Coach Prime is off to fix the 1-11 Colorado.

After three seasons, a 27-5 record, and two SWAC Championships, Deion Sanders is moving on up. After much speculation, Coach Prime is heading to the Pac-12 and is the new coach of the Colorado Buffaloes. After getting the bag (supposedly $5M per year), Sanders met his new team, and set the record straight.

SHEEEESH! First off, what a line. I think I'm gonna start using that one. Secondly, uhh no shit? People are up in arms about his comments, and I am confused why? Colorado was TRASH. Their sole win came into October in an OT battle against Cal, who by the way went 4-8.

Every coach is going to get his guys into the building, and make a program based off of his system, so why is Sanders any different? Shedeur Sanders is going to come in dominate. I assume Travis Hunter is going to come in and absolutely steal the show on both sides of the ball. And many others will follow suit and come join the ranks of Primetime.

Now, should this have been his first message right after signing, as well as have this publicly filmed? Probably not, but at least he is honest. Again, if this Colorado team wants to be complacent, then Deion Sanders is the wrong guy for the job.

People are also pissed off that Deion is leaving Jackson State, saying he is abandoning HBCU's. I'm sorry, but he put them back on the map! He gave three seasons of dedication, made headlines not only with JSU, but the league as a whole. He built up a reputation that HBCU players can make it to the next level. He did his job, and it's time for him to move up in the coaching ladder.


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