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I wish the end of Aroldis Chapman's tenure didn't crash and fizzle

Life comes at you fast. From signing the one of the largest contracts a relief pitcher has ever received back in 2017, in the biggest market of all of sports, to settling for a $3.75 million dollar deal in Kansas City, what a humbling moment for the Cuban Missle.

Yankee fans are rejoicing and laughing as the once great reliever is onto a new chapter of his career. It's nice that his money is off our books and that we won't have to deal with his inconsistencies, but a small part of me kind of hates that this is how his career as a Yankee ended.

There was a time we were hoping he was going to opt back in and anchor the bullpen. He was our All-Star and our reliever of the year. He was one of the best closers in baseball, he was our guy. Besides Mariano, you have to admit Chapman was one of the most dominant relivers to dawn the pinstripes.

Chapman was the gift that gave when we traded him to the Cubs for Gleyber and other trade chip prospects, and he came back to New York after winning a ring. He collected 156 saves as a Yank and struck out 453 batters, but as time passed, he started to lose his edge. The speed was there, but the control wasn't. He lost his special stuff, and later lost the fandom and the clubhouse.

The Yankees pitching staff got hit with injuries for the playoffs, and he could have stepped up to the plate and supported his team. He chose to start his offseason early.

“It was surprising at first [that he missed the workout], a little shocking, but after the shock wore off, when you add everything up, it’s not surprising, There’s some questions about whether he’s been in all-in or not for a little while. He’s maintained verbally that he’s in, but at times, actions don’t match those words.” - Brian Cashman, Yankees General Manager

So now all the accolades and moments are tarnished because he wasn't there for his team. To me, that sucks a lot. Chapman was a special breed and nobody can emulate what he has done. I wish it didn't have to end like this, but that's the business of baseball. Good luck in KC, Chappy.

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