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If you love True Crime, then Kelsie + Kailey are your gals. Introducing the Kill and Tell Podcast!

We've got some news for you. If you love true crime, then you're going to be quite happy for this one. We're happy to announce the introduction of the newest House Enterprise addition, the Kill and Tell Podcast!

Kelsie Gagner and Kailey Iturrondo, the hosts of The Kill and Tell Podcast, are two Boston Gals and Best Friends sharing their passion for everything true crime. From murder mysteries, conspiracy theories, and crime cases galore, Kelsie and Kailey are taking an interesting spin on a deep topic. They are creating something quite special, and we're pretty excited to have them on board.

In their newest episode, Kelsie and Kailey dive deep into an unsolved case. Kelsie takes us back to 1974 when the body of a woman was found in Provincetown, Cape Cod and to this day has still not been identified. Even after years of investigations, psychics, clues and new evidence, Detectives have still been unable to identify who this woman is and who did this.


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