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Is the MLB going to figure out this umpire issue or is the game just going to die a slow death?

I mean what is going on here? Major League baseball is falling into a dangerous territory, where fans are getting fed up and umpires are making the games unwatchable. The season is only weeks in, and MLB’s umpires are providing multiple embarrassing displays on the field.

"Well if the umpires are missing the calls, and the teams challenge it, it should be fixed, right?" Yeah, you would think.

The MLB allows instant replay review to allow league officials to review certain types of plays in order to determine the accuracy of the initial call of the umpires on the field. Somehow, that isn't working well either. There is no transparency, there is already a bias with the consultation with New York as they know what the call is on the field, and it actually slows the game down even more.

Need some proof? I move that Plaintiff's exhibits be introduced into evidence.

Exhibit A - Michael Conforto Strike 3 / HBP

Exhibit B - Alex Bohm "safe" call

Exhibit C - Red Sox / Twins "Foul Ball"

Exhibit D - Angel Hernandez


Rob Manfred has no accountability of the league right now. There is no plan to fix the current issues with the umpires, and there is no common sense involved in the replay system. Fans are fed up with this nonsense, and the joy of the game is being diminished.

The argument has been addressed whether the league should implement electronic and AI umpires. The purists would be disgusted, but I can guarantee it's better than what's going on now. I am not saying I am for or against the movement, but if we’re going to keep human umpires around, then they need to do better. They have to. It is just a comical joke at this point.

Stop pissing off the fans, players, managers, and Brett Gardner. Make baseball "America's Pastime" again! Fix the problem, Manfred.


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