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It's official: Kawhi Leonard is BACK

Updated: Feb 5

They called him washed....

They called him glass knees...

They said his career was done...

When I say "they" I mean myself as well. I fully said Kawhi was completly washed after tearing his ACL and playing like 4 games in the last 3 years.

However, I will admit I was wrong. Kawhi Leonard is absoultely balling right now.

Kawhi Leonard's last 11 quarters:

106 PTS

15 REB 13 AST

36-for-56 FG (64.3%)

11-for-19 3PT (57.9%)

23-for-23 FT (100%)

Absoutely BALLING right now.

In his last 8 games:






NO ONE is talking about how good Kawhi is playing and that's the way I hope it stays that way. He's putting up MVP calliber numbers and no one on those stupid sports shows like First Take are talking about it. Clippers play so much better when they play under the radar especially Kawhi, Harden, PG and Westbrook.

The Clippers are now 10-3 in their last 13 games with the one HORRIFIC loss in there to the Denver Nuggets without Jokic, Murray and Gordon. That loss will still haunt me for a while especially because they got torched by former Clippers Reggie Jackson and DeAndre Jordan.

Overall, the Clippers are playing some good basketball with the Klaw at the helm.


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