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It's sad to see the downfall of Oakland, but we're witnessing something special with the Athletics.

It's June 14th, 2023. The Oakland Athletics boast a 19-50 record. Their average attendance has been triumphed by minor league affiliate teams. The team has taken another step toward Las Vegas, as Nevada Senate approved $380 million dollars in public funding bill for a new stadium. Things are looking bleak.

But here's the spin zone. It's June 14th, 2023. The Athletics have just won their seventh game in a row, taking down the top two teams in the NL Central and the League's best in the Tampa Bay Rays. They are no longer the worst team in baseball (sorry Kansas City). Their win streak is now tied for the longest by a team with a sub .200 win percentage heading into a season. That hasn't happened since 1901. They also hosted a reverse boycott night, which resulted in over 27,000 fans showing up to protest ownership to sell the team.

It's a shame watching such a historic franchise hurt like this. The history of the A's runs deep in Major League Baseball. This team had Rickey Henderson, one of the greatest leadoff hitter of all-time and the all-time leader in walks, runs, stolen bases, and leadoff home runs. They were the home of Hall of Famers Reggie Jackson, Catfish Hunter, and Dennis Eckersley. The A's were lucky to watch players like Vita Blue, Mark McGwire, and Jason Giambi. Billy Beane turned the organization around, and they even had movies and books written about them. You can't tell the story of baseball without Oakland.

The fans don't deserve what the organization has done to them. They have stripped the team of any valuable players, and knocked down their chances to compete season after season. The writing is sadly on the wall, as this team will be playing in Las Vegas soon enough. Although it will provide a new opportunity for the franchise to grow, it's sad to see how the fans have been disregarded in this deal.

No matter the outcome of this season, and what the future has it in store, as a baseball fan, you have to sit back and smile as this team fights to extend their win streak. Hopefully the fans continue to show support, and we can watch them overcome adversity.

How can you not ne romantic about baseball?


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