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Joel Embiid once again blamed his teammates for 76ers elimination

The Sixers got STOMPED yesterday in Game 7 against the Celtics and after the game, Joel Embiid decided to blame his teammates on the loss. This is the MVP btw, who took zero accountability for the loss. Keep in mind that Embiid also only scored 15 points in Game 7 on 5-18 shooting and 0-5 from three.

During his postgame press conference, Embiid said he can't win by himself, a similar tone to when he threw Ben Simmons under the bus a couple years prior.

This is also bizarre considering Tyrese Maxey was an absolute killer the playoffs. Harden had 9 points too and shot 3-11 from the field. Harden and Embiid were shooting tour dates, but he went ahead and blamed his teammates. Pretty bizarre behavior from the MVP.

Damian Lillard also quote tweeted the video and responded "Huh?"

If you're the MVP and stunk it up in a Game 7 and also blew a 3-2 lead with a Game 6 at home, you gotta take accountability.

Sixers will have an interesting offseason coming up. Embiid is a great player but we all know he's not the "guy" in the playoffs. Harden has a player option and it seems like he has already packed his bags for Houston, and Doc Rivers I am SURE will be fired in the next couple days. I think it will be a BRUTAL offseason for the Sixers.

The Process is officially over.


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