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Josh Allen graces the cover of Madden 24 as his revenge tour commences

Josh Allen's first order of business after a disappointing end to the Buffalo Bills' 2022 campaign: Land Hailee Steinfeld, much to my dismay.

His second order of business: Land the cover of Madden 24, effectively placing himself back in the spotlight, where he rightfully belongs.

Third order of business: Win the whole damn thing. Book it. (+900)

via EA Sports


Josh Allen has come an extremely long way in his career, a story that really still has yet to get off the ground. From sending out thousands of emails to college coaches everywhere just looking for a spot on a team, to the famous and now sadly deleted, to the immense hate and doubt he received after being drafted 7th overall by the Bills in 2018, Allen has recently cemented himself as a perennial MVP candidate, a top-3 QB in the NFL, and a true threat to carry his team all the way to a Super Bowl victory.

Still, even after all that, sometimes it's the simple things that can really make someone smile...

"A childhood dream come true"
"I don't know if I would have believed you at that point, if you were to tell me in high school. It's so surreal. Madden has such a special place in my heart."

-Josh Allen after being asked about the Madden 24 cover


Allen officially becomes the first Bills player in franchise history to grace the cover of Madden 24.


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