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Jurickson Profar, you ARE a New York Yankee. But seriously, Yanks should add the utility man ASAP

If we are being real with each other, I think the Yankees should be all in on Profar. Not just saying that because we missed on other outfield options, I've been saying that for quite some time because I think Profar fits the bill of a solid pinstripe contributor.

Especially with the teams who have kept tabs on him made different moves. The Mets just added Tommy Pham, and the Red Sox opted for Adam Duvall, so both teams are presumably "out" on the Padres left fielder. Why not take a flyer, even if it's for a year?

Listen, I would love Bryan Reynolds, but the Pirates are asking for a kings ransom on a player who isn't at that level yet. Pittsburgh is asking for a "Juan Soto type package" from any team interested in the outfielder, in this instance, that would be Volpe/Dominguez/Cabrera right off the rip. Bryan Reynolds is very good, but he isn't Juan Soto. The Yankees should have just traded those prospects for Soto, but that's neither here nor there.

But back to Profar, honestly I would welcome the move. In an ideal world, your outfield would be Judge in right, Bader in center, and Profar/Cabrera splitting time in left. You have Stanton who can fill in, and also still have guys like Hicks and Florial (if they are still around). Profar has played every position except catcher in his career, so that just provides an extra level of depth the Yankees could always use. Especially losing a guy like

Profar is projected to be a 20 HR hitter at Yankee Stadium via Baseball Savant and has a lower strikeout rate compared to the league. Profar gets the ball in play, and could provide great value to the Yankees. Again, not sure why people would hate on this move, but Twitter is a weird place.

PHOTO: Kyusung Gong / Associated Press


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