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Just a kid from Toms River. Cheers to Todd Frazier, who announced his retirement from baseball.

Just a kid from Toms River living the dream. A couple days late, but still deserving of a blog. After 11 solid years, Todd Frazier's baseball career comes to a close as he announced his retirement today.

I mean, to be honest, he's done it all. He won the Little League World Series for New Jersey, he stood next to his childhood idol Derek Jeter before dawning the pinstripes himself, and he helped bring an Olympic medal to Team USA. He also won the homerun Derby and went to two all-stars. It's a good old fashion wholesome career.

But I'll always remember him as the ultimate locker room guy as a Yankee. When he got traded to the Yanks in 2017 from the White Sox, alongside Tommy Kahnle and David Robertson, I was hyped. That was a mighty solid trio for a postseason run, a run that should've won them the World Series (thanks Astros). Frazier was a huge component for the Wild Card run, immediately stepping in as the starting third baseman and logging 66 games. He instantly became a fan favorite, and was an emotional leader throughout the season and playoffs.

It sucked to see him go, but he was a helluva addition and one of my favorite Yanks in recent years. All-in-all, he was a loveable player and cheers to retirement Todd-Father!


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